1. Google says 56' outside, 50' inside. Two lanes each level

  2. I looked it up on the internet and it said it was okay in scrabble so I think?

  3. What's the Internet? I respect some good sarcasm; I was being genuine. Which dictionary,? I try the Hasbro Scrabble and Merriam and neither show FAE to be good.

  4. Try little triangular shelves in the back, to raise up by 3-4", anything in the deepest part of each shelf. Since you can't always do short in front tall in back.

  5. That day will be my niece’s 2nd birthday and her parents are planning a tutu themed party where all the guests where tutus

  6. Will her Tutu (Hawaiian grandmother) be attending?

  7. Yes, to both. I realize this question is more easily asked and answered by voice. I have attended two in-person MKP circles (is that the name?,) and i am looking to learn more personal experiences.

  8. My friends and I decided to do the 100 pushups for 100 days challenge this Fall. Nice graph showing how it went. Only 2 of us made it to the end.

  9. Is this a thing? I posted about my July to October doing it, in

  10. Triangle forbids that, there's a sign there with who you should email whenever that happens. Failing that i ask you to call or text Harvey the club manager.

  11. My girlfriend says im a dick about this dilemma. Anytime guys try to compare height to me, its at a bar and im always a few drinks in. "Hey man, im 6 foot tall, how are you?" Im 6'3" and bruh, you 5'10" at best.

  12. Do you think you treat them kindly when you correct them like that?

  13. But besides the title it has nothing to do with Scott Pilgrim

  14. Whew. That was close. Someone on the internet almost did something...

  15. It was a test to see if you would reply within the two minutes it's gonna take to kick your ass.

  16. Clicked through to share this. Used one for years

  17. Dude! Three miles per day is awesome. How do you give yourself a day off? I was jogging 2 miles per day about five years ago, and after a few weeks it was pretty easy to keep going. I feel like at least two rest days per month, maybe 4, is ideal. What is your philosophy? Also how long have you been 'cruising'?

  18. Corner Cafe is casual and late weekend lunch is great for a first date

  19. I like the preservative-free saline with the brand name Purilens, and buy two twelve-packs at a time from Amazon every few months. Good luck!

  20. By playing Dread Marsh 3 and the others, if you play 26 levels every 24 hours, you can average 4-5 purple gems per day 💜. Here

  21. Your post does not mention scleral lenses. Do you know whether they might help?

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