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  1. Outstanding shots. My whole childhood I looked forward to going to the inner harbor and everything there was to do there. Now that I have kids, it’s a ghost town.

  2. By what metric would you say the US is best in the world? Number of gun deaths, defense spending, people incarcerated, or believe angels are real per capita. Everything other meaningful statistic you can measure how well a country is doing the US is not the top.

  3. I think you’re missing /s at the end of your post. That or you’re an idiot with no understanding of how the UKs government works.

  4. In Georgia you’d still be forced to still buy the game

  5. Since those are albums, can’t you tell google “Hey Google play my Daily Mix 2 playlist” That is what I say and I’ve never had the issue with Spotify.

  6. Real. Back when computer games came in boxes the size of the moon.

  7. When you got your games on 5” floppy disks and the manuals were the size of books, you needed the space

  8. Hunt Valley Mall had a pretty great arcade too. I used to love the hologram time traveling cowboy game and Golden Axe

  9. My parents had fancy china plates that had an intricate gold inlay and I microwaved that plate and it completely burned the gold out. They were displeased.

  10. Watch the alternate ending they didn’t go with where they argue with old Rose as they catch her about fire the diamond necklace off the back of boat. It’s the worst acting Ive ever seen from known actors. Also, screw Rose for not giving the necklace to her care taker granddaughter.

  11. Right? “Hi, want to grab some coffee sometime?” And as soon as she responds hand her the “I’m new to ASL I just learned enough just for that” note on paper haha.

  12. His role on the show “The Affair” was excellent. Also, a very cool show with a very unique premise. A couple is going through a divorce and they show the same scenes from each of their points of view. Very cool way to show how different people interpret the same event and how memory is fallible.

  13. Sure. Make sure you get your free motorcycle at your home after certain mission point. My God I was running around like an idiot.

  14. You have your car from the first real mission onward.

  15. Sam Rami would have loved to have one of these while filming Evil Dead

  16. Kids that go to bed earlier than you. When you have young kids, having a bedroom and a living space is huge. That way you’re not sitting in a dark room doing nothing at 830 at night.

  17. The answer in either case is probably Texas. Second-most populous state, and probably the highest percentage of gun owners of any large state. Multiple military bases. Access to the sea. Huge economy. Scary to think about, really.

  18. Also, self contained power grid, crappy though it may be

  19. I peaked with 10 man heroic WotLK. I miss those days.

  20. So much this! When we downed the lich king 10 man HC at like 4am at night after I don’t know how many times, that was my peak gaming moment and I still smile looking back at it, great memories. I do miss those days but I think that’s purely nostalgia driven, wouldn’t be the same today.

  21. Yes! Everything about the game felt perfect. Queuing in to do daily’s, tanking or healing for people that were still getting good gear, and character trees felt pretty balanced. I miss those days.

  22. There are a few things but a big one is Cox voted against making marital rape a crime and he wants to take away women’s body autonomy.

  23. Arn’t you supposed to X-flip the cpu cooler water block? Or is that not accurate any more?

  24. I just think it would be nice if you could put multiple shows on the same dashcam stick and choose which one to play.

  25. hmm that's true, I haven't gotten around to trying that yet. But you'd still need to move files around to pick between different light shows right?

  26. Oh I misread your original post. You’re right. Sorry

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