1. James said this too. I love his takes. Y’all are 100% correct in my opinion.

  2. I want to die prepared to go, causing people as little pain as possible. I don’t want to leave any problems or loose ends for anyone to have to deal with.

  3. For me it was because the pain was too much to bear. I needed it to be concentrated in some way. SH is almost like a release. Not a healthy one, but the memories and realizations are worse than any physical pain I get, and I get migraines, and have had multiple surgeries for endometriosis. I wouldn’t wish CPTSD on my worst enemy.

  4. I’m so sorry this all happened to you. I found this comment very validating though. I’ve had some really painful medical procedures as well, and the physical pain that comes with CPTSD is worse than anything else, I agree.

  5. Truly truly I just wish we could all like everybody including the Browns agree to stop talking about the fucking catfish. It’s so OBVIOUS why Meri was dragged into this love bombing. She’s a human being. She and Kody had been together since she was like 17!!!! Mykeltie not understanding why that happened idk it just pisses me off.

  6. Yes, Meri fell victim to a con artist when her husband abandoned her. Meri’s faults aside, it’s very sad.

  7. I didn’t understand this. Robyn was a grown woman. Why couldn’t Robyn just manage herself? Why wasn’t Ködy super annoyed with her for poor planning and pulling focus on what was a huge day for the family?

  8. Her mom should win the Dundee award for whitest kids…..I mean KEDS

  9. Yes thyroid and other metabolic disorders can be at play but still if someone starved themselves for weeks they’d eventually loose weight

  10. And the physiological stress of reducing caloric intake to that extent has its own destructive diseases associated, including the dangers of refeeding, unstable moods, and physiological changes that cause people to gain all the weight back. Just one example:

  11. I didn’t walk back anything, I said this comment before I said the other comment

  12. Then you are struggling to understand the articles I provided for you. Go have a chat with the physiologists at Stanford and John’s Hopkins. They have open office hours and, if you actually care so much about people struggling with obesity, you will be interested in the actual facts they have to report.

  13. Many people know, I used to smoke.... Marijuana! But... I would only smoke it in the late afternoon. Oh, sometimes, I would smoke it in the early afternoon or even the mid-late-early morning, but never at dusk! I would never do that.

  14. LOL. I used to quote this all the time. I think I almost had the whole record memorized at one point.

  15. As someone in France I still don't know what is unusually good here... I need to look up photos of a US aisle for comparison. I can't even think about what would make it worse, other than putting everything in a plastic box.

  16. USA has these plastic bags inside cardboard display boxes a lot of the time.

  17. Apparently Kody hit the kids with a paddle (who knows? it’s all alleged and in the past now, I guess)

  18. When telling the truth = “fear mongering” you are going to get a lot of depression in a population.

  19. One thing I saw suggested was that the USA get rid of the "boyfriend loophole" when it comes to domestic violence prosecutions, and to enforce a ban on firearm ownership for all such offenders. Including cops, because that might actually reduce the amount of unnecessary police shootings.

  20. That would be “stricter gun laws” though, and for some reason she’s asking for answers that don’t change gun laws.

  21. I’ve just given up and blame the lead poisoning…

  22. I just did the same thing last week! I read this: “areas with higher lead exposure were less agreeable and conscientious, and more neurotic.”

  23. Mostly I see privileged people (in my country they are either war profiteers or crooks) acting like trash, and then the folks they oppress are simply trying to cope with their trash behavior. Like, I’m sure higher ups at lead paint companies knew about the risks to children at a certain point.

  24. Dude you’re making ridiculous extrapolations to suit your own argument… I’m saying no US school would allow this. That’s all I care to say. Certainly don’t care to argue w you. There’s obviously nothing to be gained here. Hope your day is good!

  25. You have never backed up these claims, but you have lied about backing them up.

  26. No it’s not forgiven in any area. That’s the point. Go talk to that guy if you like the things you think he says so much.

  27. Cite sources if you’re going to make claims like this. People who went to schools in tougher areas have all seen this stuff with our own eyes. If you’re going to tell us we just imagined our high school experiences, at least be decent and provide a single shred of evidence to support your gaslighting us in this thread.

  28. It is hard sending a kid off to university. She could’ve rented an apartment so she could go visit as needed.

  29. Sources to back your assertion that HRV, catecholamines, suppressor T cell levels, and cortisol are less objective measures than “perceptions of social status and social class”?

  30. You’re right, I forgot that everyone handles stress the exact same way and that feelings are entirely objective. Hormone levels are the only thing we should use, if me and a friend have the exact same cortisol it means we have the exact same stress. And just one metric will do the trick and it doesn’t matter at all when you take the data because these levels aren’t constantly changing in people.

  31. You made a claim about the relative scientific value of two stress measures.

  32. One argument is the supply/demand with increasing efficiency by computer programmers. The other argument is that all labor is exploited and that's bad. Both can be true.

  33. I might be bugging but I’m 100% sure that Jenny was in SNL.

  34. Yes, she’s talked about how it wasn’t a good environment for her & the way she works.

  35. Looks great! If you want to change something try adding complimentary colors (opposites from the color wheel) somewhere near the edges of the browns and greys.

  36. I fully support Leon’s path to complete liberation from all the family/cult BS. Whatever they need to do, they should do.

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