1. You could learn frontend code and UX. A lot of people love to have web designers that can also built the front end (UI). Definitely makes sense to develop the coding skills and apply your visual experience to UX design.

  2. "let's compare the least walkable 10 blocks of the city with literally the rest of the entire city"

  3. I honestly didn’t know that I’ve basically experienced the worst walkability in SF

  4. Every performance is different and the energy the audience gives back seems to make a huge difference. I was a fan of a short-lived Broadway musical a few years ago and saw it 20 times - once 3 times in a single weekend. There were high energy shows and, occasionally, noticeably lower energy shows where the audience just wasn’t as engaged for whatever reason. The cast was still giving their all but it made a difference.

  5. I’ve always wondered about audiobooks or audio learning content for truck drivers. In the interim could you try to listen to something intellectually stimulating? Learn as you drive?

  6. Fwiw you can typically already buy carnival tickets with a card, and the use the tickets for those small games

  7. I only saw this once in college, but Zombeavers was so atrociously bad we couldn’t stop laughing and then referencing it later

  8. Gig economy work would be good for flexibility and setting your own schedule.

  9. Check out computer graphics! Heavy on math and physics but also very artistic.

  10. I’ll go first. My S.O. brushes his teeth in the shower. As in, will leave his toothpaste and toothbrush in the shower itself. It’s efficient I guess? Still find it weird lol

  11. Lol you want a healthy relationship

  12. Yeah I had the same feeling as OP for a while, not liking someone “in my space”. And then I was just lucky enough to meet someone where it always just felt like “our space”. So, probably not super helpful but luck and compatibility- finding the right person is the best advice I have.

  13. Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, Tastykakes and water ice

  14. Please tell me his profession is bus driver.

  15. I think so too. I wonder if there's an overlap because I like stevia but cilantro tastes like soap to me.

  16. I like cilantro so if it’s a gene it’s a different one!

  17. The best date format is YYYY-MM-DD I will die on this hill

  18. This is why I hate email as a communication format. Slack all the way, everyone can just give a thumbs up without disturbing everyone else. All the content is flat instead of the increasingly long copied email chains on replies. Email is the worst.

  19. The Chamber by Wooden Robot up in Noda has a fun casual rooftop

  20. May want to check out Soma also. Can find a lot of cost-effective apartments there that are a few blocks from Bart. If you're on a tight budget should look around the Civic Center also. Things will really pick up in the Summer. I would avoid Tenderloin and around 6th and Mission. See more violent crimes around that area...

  21. I’m also looking into lower nob hill and Soma right now, but I heard SOMA is industrial (not as many restaurants or as much nightlife) and also not that safe. Which is safer and more fun?

  22. A lot of salty people in here... My company advertises as fast-paced (which we are) and having a great culture, which we do. We are all out the door around 5, no weekend work, and most of us genuinely like each other. A great culture isn't a bunch of well-paid 40-hours-per-week people sitting around working, it takes a lot more than that. In order to build a good culture, the employees also have to work at it, the company needs to give them the opportunity to do that while away from their desks.

  23. Agreed! Sad about all the bad experiences people must have had. I had a job with a great company culture, genuinely became friends with my coworkers (I get not everyone’s looking for that). But not every company advertising a good culture is full of shit. For me it makes a difference to be in an environment where people are engaged and not just clock punchers.

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