1. Then why did you post about how you see an addictions therapist? Just go home.

  2. either way no matter what i cant tonight, i live hours away from vancouver earliest i could get home is probably 8am tomorrow and i have no clue where i am or how to get home rn

  3. Drop a pin and I’ll send you an Uber to take you home.

  4. unfortunately i’d need a boat and 2 ubers to get home

  5. its not my first time, i usually take codeine 1-4 times a week. this is the first time nothing really happened tho

  6. Only actual answer on this post….

  7. its just confusing, i take codeine multiple times a week and it always works?

  8. That definitely is not normal, I’d cut the codeine out until you see a doctor

  9. i wont be able to see a doctor but next time i wont use as much !

  10. im good i took more today and it was all fine idk why i reacted like that yesterday

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