1. I found this picture on the homepage of TLM partners ( the publisher and developer of our game).

  2. Thank you so much for breaking it down for me as an Infj I feel I am more emotion driven. This helps me a lot to understand him. One thing I didn't understand was the attempts to make me jealous why?

  3. dont treat his response as deterministic - you might wait and see or ask him

  4. Wait and see is usually best because when I asked it's been a flip flop between the 2.

  5. like don't waste your time on things that are done, but dont make them dealt with when they're not revolved

  6. I have a decent job but I don't need a big house or a nice car to be happy. So I live below my means.

  7. I love how you you say "they" as in every ISTJ based on you experience with one.

  8. because I'm ENTJ so you are they to me :D or maybe you guys... but idk

  9. “You can’t figure out if he’s mature by the way he behaves.”

  10. I'm ENTJ just passing by, but my brother is ENTP - a clown.

  11. I recommend latin mass or generally learning Pater Noster and Ave Maria in latin at least.

  12. Yes, hdmi2.1 have higher bandwidth. DP port capped 166fps with HDR 10bit. Review say that only HDMI can run full res 12bit 175hz

  13. I can die for love. But in general I am more rational and keep doing stuff that's more important.

  14. all the best for you - I know our emotions are different than most people

  15. According to the display it's working for me:

  16. It varies from unit to unit the specifics of calibration but I think you could use everything just not my "White Balance" setting.

  17. I can only choose BT and 2.2 gamma, why?

  18. I can only choose BT and 2.2 gamma, why? UPDATE HDMI WORKS FINE WITH ST GAMMA

  19. Maybe try switch the BIOS button on the gpu? :<

  20. Switching the bios switch on gpu helped you about downclocking the frequencies via Amd Adrenalin ? Did i get right ? I'll try to get it done by this evening when i get to home from work


  22. Its not only OC its the whole PERFORMANCE tab

  23. GOT MINE STARTED - do you want to talk on discord? ITS AMAZING I RECOMMEND IT MAN!

  24. enjoy my friend, I hope they will ship the product soon ...

  25. jk ofc but yeah - guys just wait you will get it too - for once Europe gets something first lol

  26. It has 83ppi which means u must not sit close otherwise u will see the pixels

  27. yup I have 1080p 27'' similar PPI it sucks

  28. Wish they would release this in the USA soon. Just returned my DW and DWF yesterday in order to wait for this.

  29. so if both would run 10 bit is hdmi 2.1 better or DP 2.1?

  30. I'm using hdmi 2.1 cable. I have it turned on into game mode, with the settings of the monitor. Then in Nvidia control panel I can choose 175hz and 12bit colour. I can do this with VRR no problem.

  31. I ordered a hdmi to micro hdmi 2.1 adaptor from Amazon, it didn't cost much. Would you like me to send you the link. The monitor is well worth it. But it's best to use hdmi 2.1 over the display port as you can get 12bit 175hz over the 10bit 175hz with display port. I ordered it and had it waiting as soon as I pre ordered.

  32. is there any benefits to hdmi instead of DP?

  33. I ordered it on 4 december on pre order and i got it on 10 december.

  34. Thank you <3 Sure I will - I just hope its intactordered 7900xt todaystill need nvme 2tb ssd and headphones

  35. Did the same, but so hard to trust best buy employees. They really don't know anything about the products they sell, let alone, products coming out.

  36. Do I think the 2nd mount I listed would do it ? Or should I just stick with the VIVO?

  37. no idea but for sure ergotron will be more stable

  38. I guess the only way for me to find out is to try it out , worst case scenario return it and keep the Vivo lol. I’ll keep u posted

  39. I think it may do. Let me know I wonder too.

  40. X3D likely wont launch in January. It will probably be the non-X chips announced at CES in the first week of January, which will launch 2 weeks after. Then the 7800XT GPU launch and X3D likely will be a Feb-March launch.

  41. I met some dudes in legacy that literally lived 10km away from me. Crazy.

  42. Not important for OLED at all. It is actually worse with GSYNC, since you are limited to 144hz 10bit, you cannot update firmware and you have additional cheap fan, which will make unbearable noise in few months. Regarding tone mapping, set it to Source Tone Mapping on non Gsync monitor and calibrate in Windows or Game.

  43. does freesync also block to 144hz 10 bit?

  44. This is actually port limitation. Gsync does not support HDMI 2.1 yet which has enough bandwidth for that.

  45. but panel is 10 bit people say so 12 bit doesnt matterjust get g8 and amd gpu like mei have that micro hdmi to hdmi 2.1 cable but since 12 bit is still 10 bit monitor then i might use dp anyways because it might be better idk?

  46. Im thinking between those 2 options too. Which do you think i should go for (g8 oled or dwf)?

  47. i will get g8 this week deliveredimo either one is good its the same panel

  48. Can u update firmware yourself with the g8 oled, do you know whats the input lag on the g8 oled ? Whats the warranty on it ?

  49. dont know yet - getting it delivered some time this week - Poland starts delivery since Monday

  50. Samsung korea said they does not cover "burn-in"

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