1. Hey. My DWF arrived today. Been getting accustomed to having HDR for the first time.

  2. Im looking forward to ergotron hx but i will get it some time next year

  3. Good question - I want to ask users of G8 the same question

  4. It depends on the game and scene, but Star Citizen is pretty demanding and will run the 3080 to 100%. If you're just entering the market for GPUs then waiting on the 7900xtx to come out is a wise move. I also wanted the ray tracing performance for CP2077 which steered me to NVIDIA.

  5. i dont need RT or DLSS its both not developed enough yet

  6. Where are you getting your info? Early DLSS, yes, wasn't worth it. But DLSS 2.0 is very impressive tech.

  7. i cant afford to have my screen blurred in fast games this is why i switch from vs to qd oled too

  8. I have RX6600 from MSI but I'm going to replace it either with RX7900xtx or RTX4090 if price goes down. RX6600 is fine gpu for 1080p gaming without ray tracing, it handles even 1440p pretty good on medium settings but if you want to go higher you need to use FSR which im not fan of.

  9. I was just confused why you used (kilo) for k in this case since it's used for weights?

  10. There will be MSI MEG probably same panel q1 2023 but i ordered g8

  11. It is the same panel for now it appears all QD monitors are the same panel. Curious when Samsung will make them available for monitors in non ultrawide and other resolutions.

  12. not soon because its not worth to cut the crystals that way

  13. Sounds like a bad fan or some kind of wire or object is being clipped by the fan blades . Or could possibly be the fan not mounted securely and it's rattling.

  14. interesting i ordered g8 some time ago im waiting for it they start sending on dec 12 to Poland will let you know

  15. Ah dang. Thanks for the info!

  16. Non-reference cards will be 200 to 300 dollars above MSRP of the reference cards.

  17. eh... I heard they would come mid december but if I cant get that delivered in like few days max im getting cheap 6800xt instead

  18. Why would it gain transparency? It’s a resolution slider not an opacity slider.

  19. this is why iam asking why 98% would be better unless there is some bugs

  20. yes that's true. But the "golden era" of like having literally any job and earning a stockpile of money are over, I think about the 80's/90's. Life has become very expensive here.

  21. you would need like 1000r curve on 40'' to bother you

  22. Do you have examples for such games? Because I never noticed anything like this and would like to test it. Sounds to me like you have seen the difference between SDR (or bad/fake HDR) and the true black HDR of Oled monitors.

  23. I actually don't run hdr precisely because of this hassle of having to turn it on and off.

  24. I think I will do the same OLED is good enough

  25. But the thing is, I'm using the exact same hardware, only thing I changed was the monitor, and this one has a lower resolution than my LG even. If we take far cry 5 for example, yesterday i tried an arcade level with a friend, the fps went down to 80 cause it was a demanding map but it literally felt like i was at 40fps I couldnt even aim properly.

  26. Yeah let us know, I most likely will have returned mine by then.

  27. try RMA or return and get new one or aw3423dwf

  28. 175hz @ 10bit with displayport cable that follows. You have yo buy hdmi 2.1 for 12bit 175hz

  29. ok then good that i already got the hdmi 2.1 but will see if it works will let you know

  30. I know it works ;P using ut my self^ but you need HDMI 2.1 to be normal to micro/miniHDMI

  31. see any difference in 10 vs 12 bit? doesnt it have more ms than DP?

  32. lol, the Netherlands get nothing, only a pre-order price from €1499 xD

  33. WTF in poland its like 50% more and no extras

  34. Ok but is 5800x3d worth it over 5600x at 3440x1440?

  35. 175hz?What I did to test my 5600x in rust is lower graphics with my current bad gpu :D soon to be changed to 7900xtxand yeah i dont get stable 175fps but its aint bad i get that 165 fps but low to 120 in populated areas of full 400 people server so it would help but i think 5600x isnt tragic for 3440x1440

  36. you need 5600x good fps value or better yet 5800x3d or 7700x

  37. Yup, I'm seeing so many posts mistaking Neo for G8 OLED now on this reddit page

  38. and best mount at the top even with additional pump

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