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  1. This is really neat! I’ve been using kickstart and ansible for recreating my configs for my other computers. This would make a standard build for deployment of a fleet of desktops really nice.

  2. The good news is they fully plan on supporting ansible ... check this out:

  3. Oh interesting! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for putting this work into action! As a sysadmin, this would make desktop Linux that much easier to manage and build for custom deployments!

  4. It’s great! I install Fedora, install steam and the nvidia drivers. Log into steam, enable steam play and done. I’ve been playing Hi-FI Rush since day one release with excellent performance.

  5. This game has been so much fun! Can not recommend enough.

  6. depends on your mouse buttons, but middle button should work

  7. Any disadvantage of disabling secure boot? Thanks!

  8. Functionally there really isn’t any benefit because all it does is make sure your boot volume is signed and considered authentic. That’s is from my understanding. There may be more in-depth details that go into it, but your computer will perform and operate just it would with or without secure boot.

  9. If you are in a situation like this, you should call 911 and tell the dispatcher what is going on so they can relay that information to the officer who is following you. But it’s not perfect and given the situation, she seemed to not having any erratic behavior and demonstrating safe driving.

  10. I think with how they stick with simple defaults of the Gnome project definitely gives it a professional "feeling" IMO. I can't speak from other desktops.

  11. I think it's the uncluttered appearance of vanilla Gnome that makes Fedora so visually appealing. It's easier to avoid distraction on Fedora, which makes it great for getting work done.

  12. I looked at their documentation and it looks like there are some additional setup steps

  13. I updated this evening at work and didn’t seem to see any issues. I use a Logitech G502. I also use Nvidia and Xorg on the Mate desktop environment.

  14. @spxak1 helped me. I needed to set the wheel resolution button on Solaar app. Didn't need it before. I am on AMD GPU and Gnome default Fedora 37 btw.

  15. Lol Reddit mobile didn’t load anything until now. Glad you got some help

  16. I’m not sure. I’m not an expert, but I think they have batteries for the motors and one for the camera/receiver logic. I could be wrong.

  17. It’s an oil filter you import, not that the kind of Karen’s that would complain about this would ever see one anyway

  18. Is grown “code” for some other word?

  19. Wish people would just say it. She’s obese.

  20. “A grown woman…” no she’s fat. My wife is grown and she wouldn’t break that.

  21. Gay means happy lol /s except it does but that’s the joke

  22. I’ve ran into this where a structural mechanic drilled right through a major wiring harness on a 737-800 for Southwest. I had to sit on the wing and install a new wiring harness for that section after we had to make it. 200 wires. Accidents happen.

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