1. But monke also eat bug, bug is no plant.

  2. "A man with hooks is gonna kill you!"

  3. THE EYE IN THE FIRST PHOTO IS FROM THE G*ME FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN! It brainwashes people into blending babies if you look at it for more than 10 seconds.

  4. These g*mers come at us shouting they're not Nazis when the username in the photo clearly shows evidence they are Nazis...

  5. Jokes on you all, it's Saturday here on the other side.


  7. Just as I expected. Random 14 above users rushing to comment their hate for 13-year-olds.

  8. That’s because the 2020 kids are turning into teenagers 😭

  9. So apparently 3 year olds are considered teenagers now.

  10. While I didn't like his channel, the fact that it was even fully removed because of "Copyright Strikes" for using clips doesn't bode well for other channels on YouTube

  11. The fact that Nikocado is the one who made him terminated is really concerning.

  12. It's Friday the 13th here. Shame on you, other side of the world.

  13. Kimberly and Thomas died this way. But it's non-canon, so...

  14. Peter's premonition death was more noticeable, though.

  15. As you say your wish, a finger on the paw curls.

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