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While you were panicking and looking at SPY, you may have missed that our old trusty GME bottomed this week on 0 shares to borrow yesterday... looks pretty aggressive

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BBBY short % of float 2.5x more than GME?

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  1. Wtf happening. When will the dump end? Soon sub 5$ again. Hopefully it reversal big coming 1-2 years at least

  2. Damn this dump never ends. Probably gonna dump hard with overall market before any huge reversal. Still think we gonna see sub 5$ again, wich suck, would be more nice to just squeeze

  3. Overall market is to bearish. Gonna drag bbby down a lot. Buying more if we keep dumping. Gap to fill just under 5$. Then I think we moving up again

  4. Guess its a very good entry here for a average down? Insane low valued

  5. Damn thst pretty bad? But still the value of bbby is insane low. Should be at least 20$

  6. Yeah that reads to me as - let it run a bit today. Prep shares for shorting. Hit it hard tomorrow and spread FUD as per usual with shill media network.

  7. Yeah its always a dip. They will never stop doing it. Just short it down more and more. Soon sub 5$. Gonna buy a lot more. Its insane its valued this low right now

  8. Have we finally seen the bottom? Usually gme reversal big around here rsi around 30 on 1 year timeframe. Maybe we going up big soon?

  9. Seems like this is a pretty good buy in? If we look at the chart we usually reversal big time here? Maybe down a bit more then boom in november

  10. Morning 😎 VIX at > 34. better put on your space suit and helmet 👨🏻‍🚀

  11. We know thats nothing that will make gme fly. Everyone talking about market going down will make gme squeeze? Market is down a lot and nothing has happend, just dragging gme down with it.

  12. How can it have a gap to fill at 3$ if it never been there?

  13. Getting a big refund end of november. I wouldnt mind to still see 4-6$ by then. Or we think we gonna reversal big before that?

  14. 0 shares to borrow because only one etf was showing and fee dropping, yolo it between 4th-10th October

  15. Probably gonna buy more today. Think if this is beginning of july oppertunity? When we last saw 6$

  16. Have people starting to loose hope? Or are you just glad to buy more this cheap?

  17. They just keep shorting it forever? I mean this is insane. Soon sub 6 and 5$? Will we ever squeeze?

  18. How low will it go? Regret that I didnt sold. Still holding. Hopefully it reversal soon. Or we going sub 5$ again? It feels like that. All momentum and volume is gone.

  19. When do we think next runup could be? My guess was end of november but got down voted for that. So whats all guess? All volume is gone right now

  20. Oh bagholding this pretty hard now. Just keep going down. Probably gonna see sub 5-6$ before reversal. Gonna buy more then and hope I won’t regret it

  21. What a joke this is. I know overall market is bearish. But bbby has been bleeding for 2 months. This looks terrible. Still holding tho and gonna buy more if we see sub 5$

  22. Another opportunity to load up the bag and lock up more of the float. I love these days <3

  23. Always dip. Just keep going down. Sooner or later it will go up tho

  24. Damn this dosent look good. Sub 7 and 6$ could come. Bagholding this for a while 😂

  25. Oh how low will it go? What a joke. Sub 7 and soon sub 6$ if nothing big happends. Glad I saved money to buy more even lower

  26. Seriously But I think a squeeze is over for a while. But im still holding for the fundementals. In couple of years it will be a lot higher shareprice.

  27. Havent sold. Bought some more. Hope i dont regret it tho haha

  28. Will we ever see a gamma squeeze? I mean we was top 1 and nothing happend?

  29. This will take a long time. Bagholding for a while. But I will buy a lot more if it goes sub 6 and 5$.

  30. It dosent look good. But i will not leave. Its insane how low valued this is. Patience will finally pay off.

  31. When will this dumping end? 😂 im glad I saved money at least to buy more if we keep going down

  32. Serious question because im concern about my investment. Im thinking of selling bbby with a loss and go all in gme?

  33. Maybe a demand zone? Hopefully we could see at least 15$ sooner or later. I have to say its pretty damn low marketcap now

  34. I'm not afraid of lower prices. Let them short it up to 226% like GME back in 21. Retail is watching every move of wallstreet and thats the big difference to back in 21.

  35. Do we really think gme gonna go with profit in the future? Thats like the only catalyst that will make gme squeeze.

  36. Even if there was 1M FTDs to deliver (which there are not and can be read in table itself) this wouldn't do shit. What is 1M shares to be bought? When volume in August was almost 400M?

  37. Yeah exactly. Whats drive the price in august was probably a lot of options get ITM and got exercise

  38. basket swaps, married puts, ladder attacks, picket fencing, you name it, they do it.—that last one I made up

  39. They will just keep doing that for years. Look at gme. Been Held down for 2.5 years

  40. Probably dump. They will never quite doing it. Only like debt free or going into profit will make this to take off

  41. Once again ftds dont do a shit, they just kick the can and will probably do it for years like they did with gme.

  42. How many of you bagholders are holding other bags as well - i.e. GME, AMC, Crypto etc?

  43. Yeah those ftds dosent do a shit. Maybe make to run 5-6% then short it down again. Whats next catalyst? We need good news or profit for this to ever take off

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