TTM Squeeze is a decades old volatility and momentum indicator. In the last 2.5 years, it has correctly predicted a big price-run on 8 out of 10 "squeeze signals". Since the start of this week, it is once again signalling an upcoming price run..

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  1. 29 days to go. LFG. Get ready for lift off. Woohoo!!!!

  2. Why people downvoting. Are we just gonna ignore the big debt and spending? Bankcrupty isnt far away.

  3. Don't forget about the FTD that are due December 21/22...

  4. Wasnt it bigger ftds 16-19th dec? Nothing happend

  5. My god you still saying you're gonna go all in at x price? Lmao dude

  6. Yeah and im glad I didnt go all in. It just keep dumping. But sub 2$ gonna be to tasty not to buy

  7. From last Friday, option expirary, we could begin to see massive spike T+2 tomorrow for OPEX run. I am also hoping to see some positive news in early Jan with their earning and RC buy out BABY

  8. But no options was ITM? So why would we run

  9. Did bbby bought shares back on every earlier runup? So we won’t run big again?

  10. They have burned 350 for ONE quarter, look at what they estimate to burn for Q3 and Q3. They’ve been lowering their expenses (i think they estimated to ‘save’ 150M) also, they paused renovations and new store openings and they’ve been closing (unprofitable?) stores

  11. Yeah thats good i really hope this turn out well. Bankcrupty is still possible. They need to be cash flow positive soon

  12. Yeah just hope for the best. They doing right things now. So hopefully no bankcrupty

  13. We should all take out our money from the market. Its not ok to make this kind of robbery and fraud.

  14. Wow the people in these comments are fuck heads. Sorry you got fucked by the system. It wasn’t a bad bet you just got fucked by rich people not wanting to pay their bills. Ignore the fucktards in here, you have a right to be fucking angry.

  15. I agree. The system is a fraud. And they keep doing robbery of retail. Its insane. Feel bad for you guys that got hurt of this

  16. I have to agree. Dont own paypal. But its undervalued. Look at their financial. Making money every month.

  17. How high was borrow rate at january and march runup? Wasnt it like 30-50%?

  18. This is nothing. Need to be at 30%+ for anything to happend. Hopefully it climbing more soon

  19. This is not good. Need to be close to 30% for anything to happend. Look last runup it was at 30-40%

  20. Same. I'm kicking myself for not doing it during the last runup. I literally bought the bottom in July, watched my portfolio spike 4x in a few days, and then watched it all crash down again. I'm not getting burned again, I need the cash and $30 is still awesome profit at my cost basis

  21. Sell like 50% and keep the rest or something at 30$? Or if we ever hit 30$

  22. I agree. But we never know, it could also go go 1$. Or even worse bankcrupty. But im still holding. Maybe we could see 30$ again

  23. How low will we go? Seems like we never seen a bottom. But hopefully 2.70-2.80 is the bottom. But if it goes close to 2$ or sub im gonna buy at least 2000 more shares. Gonna show proof then

  24. Nice. Maybe gonna buy some more next week no matter price. I think that bond deal gonna get extend on monday so Probably gonna dip hard monday/tuesday and get a tasty sale

  25. I agree. But they need to stop burn cash. Almost 350 million last quarter, that only give them 6 more month before bankcrupty. They only have 500 million cash right now. Whats your take on that?

  26. If we see another dip it's just another buying opportunity. Hodling 25xx shares and continuing to load the bag before our moon launch.

  27. Yeah me too. But have to be honest, pretty tired of all this dips, they never stop, just going down more and more. If we see sub 2$ im gonna buy 2000 shares

  28. Yeah and thats not so bad. But I expect another big dip then, msybe 2.30-2.50$, but I really hope we find a bottom soon.

  29. Seems like it was another fake break out. Or maybe it could play out later this month or next month? Just dumping more and more

  30. Smells fuddy BOT-ish to me… /Tiny_Tina says post or ban if you have the balls cuz your talking about shit thats way old…..burning cash what da fukkk….TRITTON is that you???

  31. Look at their balance sheet at earnings. Its all there. We can’t ignore the risk. I hold 1100 shares so far. Can post it later.

  32. Some. Gonna wait more, seems like we dumping more.

  33. I have 1100. Gonna buy more if we tank anymore

  34. Lol its fact. Why just talk around it? Im invested and concern. Im bullish and it could run big. But bankcrupty is there to. Cash for 6 month litterly. Just look at their balance sheet, They need to do something soon!

  35. Yeah But why didnt it run in sept when 3-4 millions over 3 days expire? 3-4 millions from 8/11-8/15 t+35 from that is sept 10-15. Almost nothing happend then, why?

  36. Yeah i agree it look spicy. But why didnt anything happend 9/10-9/15? When ftds of 8/11-8/15 expire, it was like 1 million ftds 3-4 days straight.

  37. Huge amount of ftds 15th november, so like t+35 from 15th november a bigger runup maybe? If you look at 7/11 with almost same amount of ftds bbby run around 5/8, t+35 ish. Will we repeat it?

  38. Keep just going down, insane. About 20 days til a big runup, 140 days interval if you look 5 years backwards.

  39. Its not a good thing people get excited of 5% swing. Hope we all can handle like 50-100% swing then

  40. To the moon? 3$? How will you guys handle if we break 10 and 20$?

  41. And down to red in US. Where is all volume and momentum? Its all gone. In 20 days its the usual big runup that use to happend every 140 days. We will see if it happends. Probably down/sideways til end of december before boom

  42. Yes it risky now. We keep dumping and soon could see sub 2$ if the bond deal dosent get close.

  43. I think it will be extended to early Jan

  44. can someone explain to me why having so many calls is bullish for the stock? Like does it have any effect on the actual price action? thanks

  45. No it has no effect if we don’t hit the gamma ramp. We are far away from it now

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