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  1. Nobody listen to this, there’s no link between accutane and gyno. I asked specifically to my derm if there was and they said there’s never been a link made. Gyno is normal for males during puberty and the unlucky proportion of those males unfortunately it doesn’t disappear naturally. Stop trying to induce fear into others especially telling them to stop their medication when you have absolutely no professional opinion to do so. Muppet.

  2. I also developed gyno after taking accutane, but it seems to have magically dissapeared after i came off it. There are medical records of this happening. Muppet.

  3. Going through it right now, was almost 18 before I started accutane and id say I was essentially done with puberty with most of it happening during my early teen years. Keep in mind, I had little to no growth at this time or anything special going on with what I was doing, never was it a problem before. However, I started isotretinoin and within a few weeks I started to noticed some male breast development but thought nothing of it, come down the line of a few months on it and I currently have a pretty noticeable gyno having to not straighten my chest out when I walk and just overall feel shitty about myself. Im not saying it was a directly result but the timing and everything being such a coincidence makes me believe otherwise, as well as this Ive been going gym for a while and eating correctly, im not a high BF % either

  4. Hopefully it wears off once youre done treatment

  5. can you grow mold on weed with wet lettuce thats been in the dirt? Yes

  6. I have a 14 inch difference with mine, (6'7 and 5'5) and its the cutest thing ever. I wouldnt change a thing

  7. Probably not alot. Im the tallest in my irish town of 15,000

  8. Tell me about it. The drag x pro is amazing. Perfect size for carrying around and forgetting about, great clouds, great flavour, RBA mode if your into that and just feels great in the hand. Not to mention hard plastic pod incase you drop it

  9. I'm 6'5". Ever since I bulked up the tall comments started to roll in less and less. Very rarely does someone say it out of the blue

  10. of course. it changes from "tall" to "huge". If i ever see a bulky 120kg 6'6 guy id call him huge, not tall

  11. jesus man your post history is so depressing not an insult but ive never seen someone so critical of themselves. cheer up man you definitely have much more going for you than you think

  12. 6'4" is better because if you add 6 and 4 you get 10 and that is satisfying to me so therefore 6'4" is the perfect height.

  13. yeah 6'4 is definitely more impressive and you would be a pretty tall guy without that hunching shit

  14. popular opinion - indians are either sexy as hell or ugly as hell

  15. Same here, like 194cm is tall to stand out, but it isn't tall where people start calling you lanky and freaky.

  16. people will call you lanky and freaky at 6'1 if your skinny enough. would you call the dutch giant lanky?

  17. i claim 6'7 even though im never 6'7 im like 6'6.5

  18. Dooley’s do some of the best fish and chips in the country

  19. dooleys are horrible. coming from someone who lives in tramore, its overhyped as fuck and the chips are watery. Tony's and Massimos are much better

  20. Absolutely true. I at 6-8, I spent my single life trying to figure out which women thought I was a freak and which thought I was a groovy dude. Never did get very good at it.

  21. ive never been lanky and i never talk about my height unless someone mentions it. any girl who calls you tall with a smile is probably attractrd to you

  22. Yeah my foot is still growing though although more slowly now. Let’s hope I get to 6’6 LOL.

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