1. I was set on SN because she didn't look petite or narrow, and I thought her personal style was closer to SN and it served her well. I could only see TR when she started styling herself as a TR after the reveal, which makes the sub wonder "does she know? seems like she knows"

  2. Right, but the post I came across was when Kibbe confirmed she was not SN, and everyone seemed to take that as confirmation she was DC or SD instead haha

  3. I think it's probably because people still saw her as "moderate" or "not petite", so I guess that C family was the next best thing after N family was ruled out and DC made more sense than SC.

  4. Ds smell sharp, obviously. Maybe ammonium and chlorine? The mix would be er... dangerously dramatic indeed.

  5. I'm guessing that us Classics smell like air freshener, a scent that's so light and familiar people don't notice it after a while.

  6. My mirror view, and especially mirror selfies, had me believing that I was petite for years. Only when I decided to take regular pictures and look for old pictures with me I realized that I don't look as petite as I thought I did, and I most likely wasn't a petite accommodating ID.

  7. I'm still sticking to my pure N (maybe FN) guess. The first thing I notice in her is width.

  8. That's not "lab grown amethyst". It's purple salt.

  9. I love red, but I find it difficult to wear. It is too sensual and too strong for me. I feel like I would disappear in a red outfit, but I love to apply it in little doses. It can miraculously lift up any outfit. This is how I usually wear red which is an absolutely fabulous colour!

  10. I feel the same. Lately I've been wearing red shoes a lot and if I'm feeling fancy I'll add a red purse to my outfit.

  11. I had an Uber driver try to recruit me for some travel MLM (no idea what, just listening to her I could tell it was a pyramid scheme) and then she ignored the directions and went a different “better” way that caused me to be late for a concert and in the car with her for an hour instead of 30 minutes so she could keep talking about it. I felt bad she was conned into it (even though she didn’t know she was) so proceeded to tip her even though she messed up the ride.

  12. You're a bigger person than me. If a driver made me late for a concert/event on purpose to shill some pyramid schem I wouldn't tell them anything, but I would leave a 1 star rating and no tip.

  13. I'm not a SN but I think they would look good! They look soft and cozy and (in my opinion) better than the

  14. I'm a Kibbe SC, TiB Romantic-Classic-Ingenue (not so sure about the last one) and Rita Right Down. My hair is straight and I trim my ends myself since the pandemic began, so it usually looks

  15. Oof, I don't think I'll ever forget those (now deleted) posts about lines where R was "snowman" and SD was "snowman with shoulders". I also fell for that.

  16. It’s a beautiful look for you. I love that sparkling blouse. It’s like the sky on a clear and warm summer night.

  17. Thank you! I love sparkly things and sometimes I go overboard and it overwhelms me, but I think this is the right amount for me.

  18. I love this outfit, it's great on you! Could absolutely see this on Emma Watson or Sofia Coppola, so I am inclined to guess Gentle Grace for you, haha. Of course it doesn't work like that, just a wild guess, and after all it's always enough to know the quadrant, you can float between the archetypes :)

  19. Thank you! I also thought of Sofia Coppola with this look.

  20. While dresses 1 and 2 are beautiful and a whole vibe each, prefer how 4, 5 and 6 look on you.

  21. 3 is my favorite, but 2 is pretty too. I would say discard 1, the cut outs don't look flattering.

  22. I don't think the first dress matches Dramatic at all; it's 100% "disrupting vertical" (D's only accommodation) with the drastic change in shape and color. It's a weird silhouette on its own, but it looks even weirder on Keira.

  23. That killer amethyst on the back left side of the photo.

  24. If the main sub and the YouTubers/TikTokers have taught me anything, it's that:

  25. Please read the "About Type Me posts" in the About section of this sub.

  26. These colors look great on you, but I think there's a small chance that you may be Cool? Some Summer because you're Muted

  27. What's your archetype? I think I'm getting Left Down vibes.

  28. If anyone is still thinking about purchasing the Style ID Calculator, I would say this is your best chance to get it!

  29. The fish has such a vibrant color! They're all beautiful

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