1. “Oooohhhh, that was a good one! You must’ve been practicing that one all night”

  2. Scum city. It’s not a ‘blessing’. Customer paid for a service that they didn’t need, money should be returned

  3. I did this earlier this year. Rented a Tesla, prepaid for in case I didn’t bring it back with at least 50% charged, and I brought it back full. Owner returned that fee to me, I was grateful

  4. Same mountain range, but yeah it’s the Santa Monica mountains David M Brown Overlook

  5. Ah nice, great location for a shot of your beautiful car!

  6. Nice setup man! Looks quite similar to mine actually, but I would say to move the HomePods closer to you as oppose to having them so close to the way.

  7. That might be helpful, I might try that configuration. Thanks a lot

  8. Came here for helpful information on gaming consoles + HomePod and poor OP is just getting roasted for his TV

  9. Haha, it’s fine. I wanted to share something cool and answer any questions people may have on how to do it. No matter where your TV is, everyone on Reddit will say

  10. Now for some real service, re-enlist as Air Force Reserve

  11. I was pissed I got mines on 4/19 haha. I started my drive back home within an hour after them handing me my DD214.

  12. Guys, the way I laughed. My wife thought something was wrong with me for a sec

  13. Mods removed the post because this wasnt interesting or cool? Wtf

  14. OP, I have a Blue one, I’ll just send it to you for free. I’m not using it

  15. Well my CPU is a Ryzen 9 5900x and I got 32 gigs of 3600mhz ram, so I sure hope not lol

  16. A Ryzen 5900x is plenty fast to run fucking Apple Music, grow up.

  17. Hahahaha… doesn’t look like it? Why is he here then asking for help for his ‘Monster PC’?

  18. Took place in China. Guy was arrested.

  19. Oh this was REAL?!?! I thought this was a training exercise with the amount of crew that came out to spray their extinguishers.

  20. Living remote, traditional customs, and topless. Still has better dental care than all of the UK!

  21. I love the ride, but I hope these people are signing waivers that state that if you pass out, and your head slams constantly resulting in potential brain damage, we’re not held liable as we don’t know your health chart.

  22. In 5 years she’ll say he assaulted her with a deadly weapon and that he’s a monster.

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