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  1. Asking the TF2 subreddit if the game is worth playing is like asking a pub if drinking is good. It's a free game though, you have nothing to lose if you just want to try it out.

  2. Terrors in my head, No Problem (underrated song in general imo), Polaris, and The Finished Symphony remix are my personal favorites

  3. My mother played the radio edit of The Veldt in the car when I was 10. Asked her about the song 3 years later and never stopped.

  4. ALSO JUST WANNA SAY: I know the game restarted development 3 years ago but it feels like 5 years considering the only stuff we’ve seen on the game is this initial review and a piece of art on Retro’s twitter page.

  5. I think this year is the first realistic year to predict it. I think it’s probably a bit more likely that it skips this year, but for the first time, it’s reasonable

  6. I genuinely think Bridged By A Lightwave is one of his best songs he’s made. Idk if anyone would agree with me but I love that song so much.

  7. What about Hypnocurrency? Thats a banger with no Vox if you like slower things. Not my cup of tea as of tempo, though sound design is wild.

  8. I will say that I personally think Bridged By a Lightwave is one of his best songs period.

  9. Not too bad. While I’d change some story stuff the premise is pretty cool.

  10. Pieck x Jean is what this fandom deserved

  11. Go and play your shitty CoD battle royal and leave the fun to us.

  12. Not for me. Doom and Borderlands franchises are the best FPS games I ever played and I think Doom edges it for being the greatest, because it was one of the reason we even have this gaming genre.

  13. The possessed marauder during the second slayer gate on Holt. That fucker is a pain in the ass. 🤣

  14. Facts I got to him after struggling on that slayer gate for so long. I was so happy to beat everything then he showed up and killed me and I straight up said “Fuck that slayer gate.” and moved on. Lmao maybe one day I’ll go back and kick his ass but I don’t think anything in a single player game has gotten me that heated before

  15. Story and Atmosphere: Doom 2016 Gameplay, Levels, and music: Eternal

  16. This tier list is based as fuck. Only thing I may change is putting Willy Tybur up a tier or two.

  17. Dude I am such a huge fan of yours! Your such a huge inspiration on my own synthwave stuff as well. I loved your Veridis Quo remix it’s my favorite song by them.

  18. Hey! Shocked that the first comment was someone recognizing me. Thank you so much for the words.

  19. Wait what. When I played the Super Gore Nest Master level I didn’t have my crucible. Did they add it in or something?

  20. The save you used probably hasn't completed Taras Nabad. Master levels use whatever weapons and upgrades you've unlocked in the campaign.

  21. Oh yeah that would make sense considering the last thing I played previously was the DLC. But hey at least I can be prideful I beat it on nightmare without it!

  22. Not exactly crazy for The Brainwasher. The intro is super cool but overall the song gets super repetitive and boring for me.

  23. I gotta go with Verdis Quo. That song has had so much influence on my music over the years and it possibly my favorite song by them.

  24. I hope Jean gets with Mikasa or Pieck at the end of the manga man he deserves it

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