1. uhm akshually if you subscribe then you have to move so youre still gay 🤓🤓

  2. RedditGPT what does it mean if my parents say i was an accident?

  3. No. There is no way to map a focus ring to be a control ring. You would have to have the control ring adapter.

  4. kind of random then but do you know of any wireless or wired remotes that would have an electronic wheel similar to the control ring? thinking i could mount it on the bottom of the camera with a cage or smth and keep most functionality, i really want to be able to change the aperture intuitively as there isnt an option on the 550d other than in the quick menu afaik

  5. Your best option for this is to upgrade your body that gives you more physical control features.

  6. yeah im saving up for an r7 but rn im stuck on my mum’s 550d. So far i have the 18-55 3.5-6.3 kit, a 55-250 f4-5.3 telezoom, an ef 50mm 1.8 and also a vintage helios 44-2 (looking at getting an adapter for it). Will probably invest in some lights + a tripod before i upgrade to a new body tho

  7. yeah the highs especially don’t jump out as much as they should

  8. i’m 14 and my sister is 7 and we play minecraft together all the time. If your daughter has siblings who’d also play or you’re willing to minecraft is probably the best game you’ll find- it’s fun, can be collaborative, has a lot to do, and has a few different styles that will let you play how you want. Me and my sister play in survival with some cheats on to give us better stuff but if your daughter hasn’t played before creative mode lets her do whatever.

  9. if she’d be ok sending you a text message that says a specific keyphrase like “~taken~ it’d be possible to use an app called data jar to store the status. Every night, automate the boolean variable in data jar to be false, and then on the trigger of getting a message from her that contains whatever string of text, set the variable to true. Then, at whatever time you want to check if she’s taken it, just check the value either in the app or automate a reminder that sends another notification if the value is still false.

  10. i have stand reminders on and since classes at school are an hour tops i hit every one, yeah most of my workouts are just walks but i do cycle or swim sometimes

  11. Just some slight changes in Lightroom with tone and saturation, stripped out the highlights too as there was a big light at the top which ruined the photo. I loved the way her face was obscured bad her eyes looking directly at me so needed to make it work.

  12. this is genuinely some of the cleanest editing i’ve ever seen damn

  13. considering the amount of highly credible leakers saying exactly what I am i’d wait for the 15 fs. Quite a few features of the 14 pro were leaked by the same people saying that the 15 lineup will have a redesign

  14. I think the 14 pro is first phone of the upgrade cycle since it has the dynamic island.

  15. all new models will have some kind of new feature but considering 6, 7, and 8 were all a similar design, X, XS and 11 were all a similar design that hints that the 12, 13 and 14 will be one group and the 15 will be the start of a new one


  17. you don't buy access. you generate an API key and then use that in your own code to access the model directly. when you make request using your API key, it charges you per request and bills monthly(?)

  18. what do you mean? like just an array of apps with a background?

  19. Being able to have 8 apps to acces with one tap where you normally can place 2

  20. oh right didnt see the scale, the app lock launcher might help?

  21. yeah but you’ll need to manually confirm it, just get your current location and then send it via a message to whoever on the “message” trigger

  22. It is the Total active time. That time include all your workouts time and all your activities (of any type or intensity) time.

  23. then why isn’t it 24 hours? sometimes when i’m sleeping i’ll log an excercise minute or two

  24. i don’t think that’s an option but i reckon it’d be possible to automate it every 15 minutes with a shortcut that looks something like:

  25. When answers are longer, it cuts them off. Any way to fix this?

  26. i think that’s just an issue with the maximum api token/payload length so afaik no

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