1. it should work if you can find a magsafe case that’s made for the iphone 11, but it will charge slower

  2. may i recommend rhinoshield cases? they have clear options that are pretty minimal and they provide a lot of protection, i’ve dropped my 12 pro quite a few times onto hard concrete from about 1-1.5m up and it’s completely fine, only a couple of tiny dents in the corner of the case. Phone itself is still in perfect condition. The buttons also feel great and there’s a rubber camera ring that’s way more protective than the conventional lip

  3. google snapseed is something i’ve never seen anyone talk about but it’s ridiculously powerful

  4. Do you have your sleep schedule set up? I don’t think it should count couch time unless you had your bedtime set that early.

  5. i do, but it’s set to like 9:30 as per my parent’s request

  6. If your bedtime is set to 9:30, I believe your time in bed starts right then regardless of whether you’re actually in bed or not.

  7. oh sorry it looks like the create alarm one doesn’t work

  8. Thanks I started playing and was able to do the alarm one!!

  9. yeah shortcuts is so useful, i’ve just spent a couple of hours making different shortcuts and automations that work with my watch to provide a comprehensive readout of my diet, sleep, times woken up, vitals like blood oxygen and energy used, and any additional notes

  10. Not in every iPhone since iPhone 11, the SE 2020/2022 does not have that

  11. I’m just being the overly correct German xD

  12. nah i feel you, i might have too many touches of the tism.

  13. looks like a leather link band from apple, it probably doesn’t fill all the space but from the top it looks fine

  14. atlantis by seafret is great for setting things up like eq imo

  15. i think you should go for the 256gb standard pro unless you have absolutely massive hands. I’m 6’ and the pro max feels way too big for me. 256gb also will be great for the much larger raw photos with the new 48mp sensor. One other thing- reaching the dynamic island is near impossible to reach with one hand on the pro max, it’s way too high up

  16. Curious as to which headphones were you trying?

  17. if you’re looking to buy some the sony wh-1000xm5s are honestly amazing

  18. i’d definitely go with the 5s and make sure they’re in white- there’s a coating or something that keeps them free of fingerprints that the black doesn’t have.

  19. there’s a couple things that’d make the airpods max undeniably the best headphones on the market under 1000 aud.

  20. Was thinking with the puck form factor, but thank you.

  21. don’t know if just a puck would have room for the tripod mount, the whole interior is made of a charging coil

  22. how do you set this up? do you share the link to the shortcut or what?

  23. i’d recommend using the “crop image” action before you extract the text to get rid of the running shortcut bar at the top

  24. Yep, sometimes what I do is first take a screenshot, crop it and then run this back tap shortcut

  25. i think so, the ANC on the xm5s is significantly better but surprisingly the airpods have pretty matches sound quality. I’d choose the xm5s just because i much prefer the feeling of over-ear headphones. Half of the airpods features also don’t work with non-apple devices as a secondary connection like a windows laptop. If you have a macbook and iphone that’s a different story.

  26. the only differences between 7 and 8 are crash detection and a skin temperature sensor. the series 8 has much better period tracking as a result but other than that they’re literally the exact same watch

  27. in “a potion for love” aurora mentions hurricanes if that counts

  28. with adjectives reality can be whatever I want so your mom is unfortunately blue now I am sorry

  29. i’d recommend using the xm5s for sure with

  30. i think mine is runaway by aurora. it’s the song that made me start listening to music. either that or weird fishes by radiohead which my dad used to play a lot when i was younger

  31. thinking realistically, probably kim jong un.

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