1. Oh they had this before some time this year. Still haven’t gotten to trying it yet.

  2. I have a google sheet with multiple tabs with the date I received items and the expiration date (if listed) so that I can use things in the order I received them - and then shuffle around to accommodate early expiry dates. Sure, it's overboard, but I love spreadsheets and data :)

  3. Thanks this is a good idea. I have a spreadsheet too, but it’s just to keep track of how much product I have. I should start adding dates to it.

  4. Anyone ever seen a better deal? I enjoyed the youth mud I got from the boxy charm shop, but even at BOGO, it feels expensive for my budget. I'd usually do something around 100ml for $20ish.

  5. Does anyone know if they've ever had the new tease sugar fleur scent available as a rollerball? I thought I saw it before... but now it's not available.

  6. Thanks! I ended up subscribing and getting this box. Any stuff I don't want I like giving away as gifts. The Kiehl's wash off mask is great. I'm on my 2nd jar now. The cheapest I've bought the mask for is $19, so it's a great deal with all the extra stuff to try.

  7. I placed an order back in Nov 2020 for two jars of the mask (4.2floz) $19 each. Kiehl's often has BOGO too, though you do have to wait for it since they only have select products for BOGO. So the mask isn't always available among the BOGO products. At BOGO it would be $20 each.

  8. I ordered it two days ago and now I’m waiting for tracking movement. Worth it for me even though I had to resub. I got the $10.50 cash back tracked with top cash back so I basically got the monthly box for free with the code box10 to discount it to $10.

  9. I know it’s been a year but how long did it take u to get ur package?? cuz I’m inpatient and they shipped my package today!

  10. Sorry it's been too long to remember and the tracking number isn't working any more.

  11. I like missha’s soft touch sunblock when I don’t want a dewy look. It also slightly blurs my pores.

  12. If you download the app on your phone, you can do the roulette event for points. 1 point = $1. One spin per day until the event ends. So you can save up the points and stack coupons for some good discounts.

  13. So far loving the Beauty of Joeson sunscreen I purchased. Any other must have products to try?

  14. I like Missha's soft finish sunmilk. Kind of gives a slight blurring effect when dried down.

  15. Thanks. Grabbed a few For Love and Lemons pieces. Definitely a lot more affordable with this discount.

  16. Thanks! I've been waiting for the Too Faced palette to be on a good sale.

  17. I have both of these sets and would recommend! The pastel neons are fairly unique.

  18. How would I order the future of color pastel set? In the description it says I get to pick between that and the more intense neon set. I've never shopped from Ipsy before.

  19. The description says you can choose between them but it labels it as Future of Color Pastel Set once the order is placed.

  20. Honestly you might have to do a gamble. I bought an underbust corset maybe two years ago and the size S fit me fine. Then just this spring I bought their daisy underbust corset and had to get size M. I measured both the corsets in size S and it was a big difference. For reference I’m 34B for long line type bras/corsets since I have a slightly bigger rib cage. But 32C in bras. I wear size 26 jeans.

  21. I have quite a bit of a FLL collection, from their lingerie to their dresses (though the Victoria's Secret collab stuff and not the FLL collection since it's much more expensive). I've bought a little bit of Shein and dropship stuff before. FLL's clothes just feels sturdier and better made. No random loose threads. Though I tend to stay away from FLL's slip dresses with those super thin string shoulder straps since they look so flimsy. But if you know how to sew, I've had someone tell me they just replace those with other thicker straps of their choice.

  22. I haven’t had any problems with it pilling so far. I’ve used it by itself and under makeup before.

  23. It’s from for love and lemons’ daisy Jane set. It’s currently on sale on their official website.

  24. any korean fried chicken places you'd recommend?

  25. Pelicana chicken is hands down my fav and I’ve tried bonchon, mad for chicken, kyochon, the coop and more.

  26. I'm so sad Swanicoco's first essence is out of stock. After reading a review on it at the AB subreddit, I wanted to try it. Jolse was one of the websites with the lowest price for it :'(

  27. What; Rom&nd makes nail polish??? Welp; my Jolse order just got even bigger…

  28. Olive young has rom&nd's nail polishes as well. They currently have a 2+1 event so it's the same price as Jolse's current sale for them. They also have the newly released nail polish colors called Milk Series.

  29. Maybe not helpful since it’s not AB… but I get backne on and off. Whenever it does come back Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant works for me. And also so does their weightless body treatment 2% bha combined with their skin revealing 10% aha lotion. Through consistent everyday use, I definitely feel a difference (since I can’t see my upper back). Less bumps and getting smoother day by day. Though maybe if you have sensitive skin, try a small amount at a time. I have very tough and resilient skin.

  30. Does olive young have anything special tho? Prices are not that great

  31. Prices can be good if the products go on sale and then you stack a coupon on top of it. They also have nice kits that other kbeauty websites typically don’t have.

  32. Wow that’s beautiful. I’d love a midi/mini version of that.

  33. Thanks for the recommendation! Though I think I could've worded my question better. I meant would a moisturizing toner be better or hydrating?

  34. Thanks. I guess I'll keep using my watery toners then.

  35. Espoir's Honey Mellow palette is only $5.10. Sold on Espoir's official amazon page, just search for "palette" on their amazon store if you can't find it. (Sold out last I just checked)

  36. SO THATS WHY MY VITAMIN C DOESNT DO LIKE IT USED TO facepalm thank you for this

  37. The vitamin c in a dark bottle, you can actually see when it starts going bad too. It’ll change from a light yellow to darker browny yellow.

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