111 days ago, our boy was diagnosed with cancer. 111 days without a bath. Tonight, was our first bath since his diagnosis. SO many happy tears.

I'm in this with you.

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. At least you can’t hear the crying baby any more!

  2. The fact that his wife may not know about those dates. That's wrong.

  3. Yeah sure if he's cheating he's definitely a honest person and will tell you the truth.

  4. Go on the first date with dude and wife.

  5. My son was on a broviac as well having a constant supply of milrinone going to his heart while he was waiting on a heart transplant. He got it a year ago and it's awesome being able to give those real baths.

  6. Congrats on getting the heart.

  7. This is utterly bizarre. Like they’re infatuated with doing under the speed limit and getting rear ended

  8. OP loves getting rear ended by strangers.

  9. Would I be judged for adding an AMG badge on my W123?

  10. I’m guessing he wasn’t wearing fuzzy socks?

  11. I completely lost it at "Our God is an awesome God"remix.

  12. I am glad I share my foot fetish with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  13. Do add the "after indoor shots" in the comments (if you got any)

  14. They won't be there for long. People will use them and steal them.

  15. Damn, TIL! Had to wiki it after I read your comment. Did I understand wiki correctly in that the last battleship was commissioned in 1944 by Britain? I just assumed they were still a thing.

  16. Are battleships a thing of the past?

  17. Lol, my grandfather was in the Navy and ships is all he talks about.

  18. The slide and sharp turn of the wheels at the end combined with you swerving to the left saved everyone.

  19. My mom got the same car. First new car she bought herself about a year ago. It is a beaut.

  20. Or she sells to me, your long lost brother.

  21. oh my god i was in her highschool class LOL my friends didnt think this was real so glad you posted it

  22. Did anyone save it before being deleted.

  23. This is why I don’t send nudes. Revenge porn is a thing and I don’t trust anyone.

  24. As a fat unattractive guy, something I never had to worry about.

  25. Wow, small world! I know exactly where this is! I've delivered to that neighborhood a lot of times... I had to drive the truck around these same people walking in the street the other day, LOL.

  26. Did you give them a compliment honk and wave?

  27. I never said it was right or wrong to do, it's just the thought process behind it. After 10 years I finally just removed the plastic from my microwave and it looks like I just bought a new one, makes me feel a little bit better and saved a couple hundred bucks from buying a new one just because of some scratches

  28. I do the same with my remote.

  29. Thanks, I would surely do it on my car.

  30. I asked the surgeon to give me my appendix and he gave me a weird look too.

  31. No worries, GS is a timeless beauty, love the shine on the car.

  32. Is it similar to Ajax, I use it for my bathroom sinks all the time.

  33. Uhm... kinda? Pink stuff comes in both a spray and in a putty-like substance in a tub, that's what you want. The last time I used Ajax, it was the powder in a can... still great stuff, I just use the Pink Stuff bc it's easier to apply

  34. Thanks, do you prefer pink spray or the tub one. I would surely love to try it on my tub too.

  35. I guess that's what people call a light bulb moment.

  36. As a guy from a 3rd world country, I can attest to that.

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