1. This is super helpful, thank you. Honestly like my job but it’s just down right now with the economy. Software is the first thing people can reduce spend on

  2. Honestly want to be making 200k+ in my 5th or 6th year. So mostly just the industry outlook and it seems that med device is ideal during market uncertainty

  3. SoFi says:

    Hello there! As of right now we only offer one checking and savings account, but be on the look out for future updates. We are always looking to improve our SoFi experience and greatly appreciate your suggestions!

  4. Really need multiple savings and checking accounts as well. That seals the deal for me to switch.

  5. Cool. Thanks! I'm trying to decide if I should be a semi responsible adult and get the Sonata N Line, or get what I actually wan in the N, so I'm exploring options.

  6. Get the N! It’s still practical and is roomy for a daily driver and can get good gas mileage.

  7. i’m going to run an 18 with a 245/40 tire once winter hits.

  8. What wheel set up do you have for this? Trying to figure out wheels to get with an 18/245/40

  9. awesome, I was looking at the ampliforms I like them

  10. Thanks for the advice! Loving my new home theatre set up at the moment. C1 is my first oled so it's been a true joy, but I'm unsure how it compares to the CX. Actually most people online just suggest saving the money and buying the CX cause the upgrades aren't worth the price difference. One thing I've noticed is that oleds are not the brightest tvs. Like, they are plenty bright, but I definitely have to close the curtains during daytime viewing.

  11. Coming in late here. Hace the C2 and have some audio delay. Did you adjust any settings to fix that on your c1?

  12. I thought about doing a clear matte full wrap on my performance blue, but I don’t want to spend that much money. Probably will just do PPF on the front clip like my previous cars.

  13. Same, I’ll probably do that and maybe ceramic coat, not sure yet

  14. Looks great! I’ll probably do that and then debadge the Elantra letters

  15. Will all seasons affect performance if I keep them on all year and if so by how much?

  16. What did you end up doing? I’m in the same situation right now with living in Utah

  17. The placement you’ve selected is as good as it’ll get with that furniture layout. May have been a better layout if you’d mounted the TV on the far right wall, and had the sofa against the far left, then you could play with surrounds. But I assume there’s windows or something that prevented this?

  18. Yeah it’s actually an open floor plan over there so it carries over to the kitchen and dining area, just couldn’t figure out how to remove the wall haha

  19. What application did you use to make that floorplan?

  20. All you dumbasses buying K5s for $2K+ markup are the reason they keep doing it. Shouldn’t even be legal. There’s so many better cars you can get for 37K when the K5 really shouldn’t be above 31K

  21. That’s the reason I’m looking at an accord or civic too lol

  22. It’s the GT line AWD with premium package and panoramic sun roof

  23. On the bikes online website. They are clearancing all their bikes right now for the 3nd of the season.

  24. Do you have to go through a dealer? It gives me a map and directions when I click on the bike. Just trying to buy it 😂

  25. No it's a direct to consumer site. Are you in the US?

  26. Yeah I’m in the US. Let me look again haha

  27. You want the Manistee belt in the same color.

  28. Good call, was looking at that one but it’s out of stock in my size

  29. Hm, they are willing to pay 20k of interest on a short term loan ? Red flag to me, they must be in trouble or why wouldn’t get a loan else where ? Business loan for a longer period and lower interest rate? What’s the trailer appraised at that you have the title for ?

  30. Those were my thoughts as well. I asked that actually and was told they are a newer company (less than 5 years) and this should be the last year of funding privately

  31. ask for the title on the truck itself as collateral, there is proably a reason the bank doesnt want to do buisness wit him

  32. Very true. Was wondering the same thing as to why he doesn’t work with the bank

  33. If you’re really concerned, you could always set your sub on an isolation platform to decouple it from the floor and greatly reduce the soundness from traveling through the floors. It’s gonna give you cleaner bass, too. Take a look at

  34. That’s a great suggestion, looking at this now!

  35. I was facing the same situation in a highrise. Here's my calculus:

  36. You’ve probably invested into a brokerage account. This is an account that is taxed normally. A Roth IRA is a retirement account where your growth isn’t taxed. Roth IRA can’t be withdrawn until retirement age and regular brokerage can make withdrawals whenever you want (taxed of course)

  37. Dang, same issue after doing that😅. Lips are ahead of the audio on anything that runs 5.1

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