5. I'm not a woman but if you see a guy with a wooden leg, has an eye patch and says Aaaarrggghh, that guy is probably a pirate..

  6. Muchas personas son infieles y exigen fidelidad, hasta se enojan si descubren que le haces ojitos a alguien mas...

  7. Es más gay pensar que eso te hace gay.

  8. mi consejo es que esperes a que ella tenga 18 antes de meterle la pichula😂

  9. creo que te tocaría otra letra del LGBYQI+ pero hetero, no eres :)

  10. i'm always happy to receive them ;)

  11. would you invite me to a ride?

  12. Anime, video games, and anything other than just missionary and doggy style sex

  13. yeah, that can be boring after a while

  14. For me it’s not boring as having sex with my wife is always a joy and amazing, but it would be nice to change it up and have more fun with it

  15. My opinion is that they should send it to my DM🤠🔥

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