Longer version of a close-range fight between Russian soldiers on the left side and Ukrainian soldiers on the right side under the bridge

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  • By - Floai

  1. Preliminary Q1 results way below expectations.

  2. RC saw this as an opportunity to get out without losing his entire investment.

  3. The problem is, if he actually knew BBBY's decision as far as Baby or generally what they were going to do, and acted on that information to sell, that's insider trading without doubt.

  4. Curious if that's really true though. I mean, if you're a part of a company and you don't like the direction it's heading, are you not allowed to sell your shares and leave? Given, they didn't declare bankruptcy and could potentially turn the ship around, he just wasn't interested in being part of the journey?

  5. The law says you can’t trade public companies based on non-public information (cept for Congress because they made the laws). So, yes, execs and board members have to tread carefully and have restricted rights in how/when to sell often times. Big investors are held to the same standard but certainly don’t have the same opportunity for exposure to inside information. But if they do learn of information, they aren’t permitted to act on it just the same. Not until it’s been made public. All of this is a bit difficult to prove, but it’s a little odd for RC to put in serious effort to enact change and then leave, seemingly without ever learning what the Board team decided to do (a team he forced BBBY to put together). The drastic price change certainly gives him cover, but seems suspect to walk away under the circumstances.

  6. You're going to want to push those calls to a later date and buy later-dated calls. The judge will not rule at the conclusion of the 5-day trial and will issue a written opinion that will likely take at least a month to prepare; my money is likely in the 1.5-2 month range. After that, the loser has the right to appeal, which could take up to an additional 1-2 months. Each case is unique and the underlying issues and evidence drive how long it takes to render rulings, but even if Delaware is a mega rocket docket, it'll take some time. If you compare timing in another merger dispute such as Akorn, Inc. v. Fresenius Kabi AG (just happened to find one, not implying any similarities): (1) lawsuit filed April 23, 2018, (2) trial held July 9-13, 2018, (3) ruling rendered October 1, 2018 , (4) decision affirmed December 7, 2018. The timeline for Twitter so far holds similarly, so could look something like (1) lawsuit filed July 12, 2022, (2) trial to be held October 17-21, 2022, (3) ruling to be possibly rendered January 9, 2023, (4) decision to be possibly affirmed February 15, 2023. The decision will itself have a pop even without any appeal, so around January would be a good safe bet.

  7. His suicide conveniently occurred before he stood trial. So Ummmmm yes suicide is as much a manipulative tool as it is a sad event. He could have just hung himself but nope, gotta let America know I’m guilty 🫣

  8. These are mobilised vehicles. You can see a black number plate one one. Also every bus of this class is yellow. And one more thing - we get what we can. We are trying to survive. We are not attacking sovereign nation- we are defending ours. So anything goes

  9. What about the "School bus" inscription on the fucking side? Lmao

  10. If you put a Bentley badge over your Chrysler 300, does it make it so? These buses are all the same for the most part in Ukraine. Their seats are the only thing modified for school/public use.

  11. OP should have said that then, huh? Except he pointed out every reason they supposedly weren’t school busses when they plainly were. And made all of those claims by giving the impression he’s on the ground in Ukraine, claiming “we” are getting invaded. Dude was bullshitting and got called out. If he’s Ukrainian, he can read what it says on the side, and he a big ol’ liar; if he’s not, he’s making up shit and a big ol’ liar.

  12. What’s that green stuff floating behind the tank?

  13. On the topic, anyone notice the complete drop off in videos from all the Euro SPGs? Used to see tons of PzH/Caesar/Krab videos couple months ago, not many lately. The PzHs I guess are explainable by the overuse issues, but not sure what happened to the rest. Just stopped posting or they get jacked up, too?

  14. There isn’t much evidence any of them have been destroyed, I think only 1 krab and some m777s is all I saw last time I looked at destroyed western artillery. I wager they’re just complex, and they’re cycling through the shop a lot because the systems have never been run this hard before. I also bet they’re getting the parts they need, but not as quickly as they want to. Finally, usage may have intentionally died down due to either these problems, a lack of supply of shells or “something else unknown to us”.

  15. Were the PzHs back out quickly? Never saw anything more than generalities on the issue, but that’s cool. Either way I just want some vids of all the things. Bummer we don’t get them.

  16. That’s nice of him to offer his last two ciggies.

  17. And don't forget a flood of older gore posts of Ukrainian soldiers, meant to fool people into think they're current

  18. How would older pictures from an entirely different front create confusion about the state of the counteroffensive?

  19. Why is your organization relevant? You say you have a non-profit team, but also claim your organization could put GameStop out of business. Seems inconsistent. What was your proposal and how do you know there are no better plans in place than yours? Do you think they had an obligation to explain why they were uninterested in your unexplained partnership idea? As someone said below, mega confusing post.

  20. We don't know if anyone shrelled or who it was, What we do know is russia stores military equipment there. Talk about irresponsible.

  21. Has anyone presented a working thesis as to why Russia would want to shell itself? What’s the play? Get the IAEA there? What’s that get them, other than additional scrutiny?

  22. Not as far as I am aware, because that would be pretty silly. The United Kingdom news, reporting normally goes along the lines of something like "The Ukrainian power plant has been shelled, could lead to nuclear disaster, Zelensky blames Russia". Whilst those words are not a lie, they are deliberately selected to be misleading. Usually there is no mention that it is actually under Russian control, which says more about the standard of journalism in the UK currently.

  23. Yeah I’m just nicely trying to call out this ridiculous bullshit. Like, fine, RuSsIa Is ShElLiNg DoNeTsK, at least there’s a semblance of plausibility, e.g. maintain fear and continue to drive a wedge between the populace and rest of Ukraine. That’s also bullshit, but at least there’s a possible spin. I see no spin here and it’s been dragging on for so long. It’s insane.

  24. Pretty confident the story is from March, but the details in bold is a recent edit (hence the brackets). Anyway, I saw this on telegram maybe 3 weeks ago. So it’s an older video, but not that old.

  25. According to the map, the ukrainians are still making gains. And if they take Ternivka and Blagdativka, they will have another crossing over the river, and they will link up with the "cut off" part.

  26. Ternivka is a new Russian offensive and problem for Ukraine.

  27. Unfortunately need to find better ones. The risk reward on tsla volatility not worth it for me.

  28. OKTA seems like a good immediate one. The size of the drop makes no real sense to anyone and basically set it up for an upward trajectory until at least 70+. The drop juiced up the IV, and it’s a real company with real numbers, so worth holding onto at this range anyway.

  29. Already ran through the $40 bil package? Oh boy.

  30. Are you serious what’s the comparison.. well other than the US only having 4x fewer kia in a time span that doubled the amount of the Soviet occupation.. Maybe the comparison would be it’s extremely hard to force a people that live under religious tribalism to accept a completely different form of government that they don’t want..

  31. Yeah, all of that is explained by next generation weaponry and no nations supplying weapons specifically for the purpose of interfering with the US. There's no comparison other than the acknowledgment that both countries got fucked. US got fucked when it had an even bigger an advantage than the Russians, though.

  32. So you agree that not only is their a strong comparison but that the US faired a lot better because our military was better. Also your completely ignoring what should have been a huge Soviet advantage in that they literally shared a border while the US is half way around the world… what are you even arguing for you need to brush up on your debating skills.

  33. That we keep pointing out more differences only further shows there’s barely a comparison. The conflicts were in different eras with different levels of resistance and ally support. You keep discounting (ignoring) the amount of support the Afghanis received, as if that wasn’t the overriding reason for the Soviet’s issues. And yes, good point on geography, but most of that is leveled by NATO and Europe being right there and their participation.

  34. This would apply if it wasn't this in the spotlight. But it is and the likelihood of this happening is next to 0.

  35. So you think companies approach their contractual rights based on how in the spotlight an issue is? Okay.

  36. You can weasel out how you might point being Russia refused the turbine.

  37. Yeah, it wanted Canada to take on it's share of the risk, not offload it to others. Of course it also wanted to make a point, but it had every right to do it because Canada refused to perform as it agreed.

  38. No clue, I'm not sure the origin is in question though. More whether or not it was used as a ferry.

  39. It's a 100 mile float from the bridge to the NPP. I imagine it's also really easy to check if the barge is still by the bridge. Doubt it's the same one. The tires on the sides even look off.

  40. What was the thought process for the RPG (?) at 3:53? Trying to hit God? Weird ass shot.

  41. Looks more like a civilian, what's the video source?

  42. Everything has probably been stripped off or cut. Look at his boots. No Ukrainian villager stomping around in that.

  43. Do you live in a village? But yea I take your points.

  44. My man must have missed the memo to not post videos. Z gonna be big mad.

  45. Since UA decided to meme it’s way through this war.

  46. Seems like real cracks are forming. The guy has been in this post since 2014 and generally rose through the ranks. Now he’s bad at his job? Doubtful.

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