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  1. Rubbish. These are Ming-dynasty paintings from Baoning Temple, Shanxi, depicting various Taoist or Buddhist rituals and mythological scenes with ghosts, gods and demons. The words on the painting identify it as No. 58 of the series and the title is stated as "The Souls of Sorcerers, Prostitutes, Variety Performers and Court Musicians Who Died Violent Deaths".

  2. OP’s image is from the painting that mentioned in the article but it is not the one that you said here. There are two NO.58 as the left and right paint. The title you quoted is from a different painting. The meaning of this one is quite vague but basically about poor family having to sell their kids.

  3. Hey OP, I have a similar background as you, but my current work is less analytical but more programming. And how do you feel about changing the field? Do you miss the fun of the physics?

  4. Kiribayama is one of the best rikishi 💯 He will definitely rich ozeki rank 👌 Kiribayama is strong, technically trained, stable, he step by step developing his skills and we see it in every basho. And also a very important thing for me - he always shows a positive attitude and respect to his opponents, he is a really kind person. I like him for his kindness and attractiveness 😘

  5. Not necessarily. Don't use SMS 2FA. It can be worse than no 2FA at all. It's not hard to clone a SIM or to trick a carrier into giving you access. Use an authenticator app or email authentication only (assuming your email is using proper 2FA). Worst of all, SMS verification is treated as a single factor many times for password reset.

  6. So who’s in the photo? Something tells me this is not how Mongolian women dressed for your average day about the yurt.

  7. This is a Mongolian noble dress back in the day. No matter who she really was, she has to be some one from nobility.

  8. For laptops, the GPU has to be adapted by the laptop maker, the GPUs don't perform as well, and the fan noise is loud, getting lots of air through a laptop to cool the GPU being the issue. And the price for performance is much more.

  9. There’s a thing called eGPU which is basically portable GPU and you can totally use it on a laptop with supported ports.

  10. I know he hasn't made too many appearances but can anyone tell me how his loan has been so far?

  11. I saw some comments from Saints fans prior to Newcastle game. They actually like him and think that AMN brought some differences to the pitch when he was subbed on. It’s hard to judge him based on the Newcastle game results tho as the whole team didn’t perform.

  12. I watched the highlights for the Newcastle game and I think he was at fault for two of the goals. It looked like played RB.

  13. Women are not that far away from the moment lol lol I just can’t wait to see you lol lol I love you too much lol lol I love you too much lol lol I love you too much lol lol

  14. Daughter: “I’m something of an engineer myself”

  15. The up type quarks mostly decay into the down type quarks of the same generation through weak interaction. But for top quark and charm quark, there are also low probabilities to decay to down type quarks of the lower generations. For example, charm to down and top to strange, down(rarest!). Experimentally, top quarks almost exclusively decay into bottom quark through vtb vertex. To understand more of these, you can look up CKM matrix.

  16. That's true only for matters of bureaucracy and bank settlement.

  17. I don't think urumuqi time is abandoned - they still call it urumuqi natural time (乌鲁木齐自然时间)

  18. It is. It’s just not officially stated for obvious reason. I don’t think anyone would dare to use that time now.

  19. Abstract algebra is a broad subject area of mathematics including many topics. I think the most related topic would be vector spaces (hence linear algebra). It is essential for understanding the math behind of the ML. Besides that, understanding of the vector spaces is also useful for computer vision.

  20. How zelda four swords like when you all play together? And shining soul 2

  21. I bought my GBA just for shining soul 2. And I used to play with my friends in class breaks. Good old memories, lol

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