1. Nothing is scarier than MY Asian mom!!!

  2. Based on this comment + your profile pics you are a 1 or 2

  3. Listen bitch, I really don’t wanna hear your facts and logic. Just tell me I’m right.

  4. Listen too, if you don't wanna be corrected don't spread wrong information. Who cares anyway

  5. it’s fun, i’ve been doing it for 2 years now but i’m getting more serious about it

  6. Dang, that sounds really awesome! Do you want to be professional boxer?

  7. Generally both suffer from what I like to dub: "5☆ syndrome".

  8. Wow... This is a very detailed explanation, thank you very much! I'm still new to the game and I find flamebringer's skill 1 okay but I have no idea he's really bad. I really appreciate it, thanks man!

  9. Keep in mind Waifu/Husbando over Meta. Since most people like using units even if they are bad. and for most content Flamebringer technically can clear it.

  10. Hehe yes... I picked projekt red because she looks like someone from an anime I'm watching 😅😅

  11. The conversion ratio of our country's currency to diamonds is 1:1

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