1. Sears created a credit card company (Discover), an insurance company (Allstate) and an ISP (Prodigy). . It's a shame they were so mismanaged in the 90's and 00's.

  2. Discover was created by Sears and it's financial team in 1985. It was huge in the industry to introduce another new credit card. Not a small task by any stretch. My dad worked for Sears at the time and amazing how hard the company pushed it. I was always curious how much it cannibalized the regular Sears department store only card. My dad for many years in that era said the stores existed only to rack up credit card sales and the retail operations were already having pressure on profits by themselves.

  3. I did a project on Sears for a business class in college a couple of years ago. I could have used you as a citation! Your last point was what I found during my research - they had too much success and forgot where it came from. They missed the threat of Walmart so badly that by the time Amazon came around, Sears was in no position to challenge them.

  4. Ooh. Me as a citation. Not a good idea.

  5. In 2007 everyone kept saying things were great—until they weren’t.

  6. Well... not everyone. In 2007 I pulled up roots, sold our house, moved the family to another region and rented a home.

  7. Almost every flight I have taken since the pandemic has been delayed. Before the pandemic a delayed plane was a rare occasion.

  8. I haven't flown much post-pandemic. So cannot comment from first hand experience.

  9. Go read the safe-t act. Arson and aggravated arson are both detainable offenses, so you got what you want. 725 ILCS 5/110-6.1.

  10. Have others read this? IANAL but sure looks like defaults to no cash bail only if (the bill's words) the "State" does not a bunch of things with more paperwork, in time and in front of judge before time expires by both judges and prosecutors that are already overloaded and backlogged.

  11. No. If they have enough to charge them with arson, they're going to have enough to keep them in jail.

  12. Then why call out arson in the Safe-T-Act?

  13. Conservatism in the United States means social conservatism. You cannot be a social progressive and socially conservative at the same time. And you cannot go onto r conservative as anything other than a social conservative. They will ban you in a heartbeat if you so much a breath a challenge to their overriding narrative.

  14. And that proves you don't know everything especially about me or my family.

  15. Dude I'm literally somewhere between a social Democrat and a libertarian Marxist. And you don't even know what that means. You're just a joke.

  16. Once again, assumptions about me. Assuming what I know or do not know.

  17. Amtrak sucks BECAUSE the railroads aren’t nationalized and it has to share track with private railroad companies which obviously put their own interests first🤦‍♀️

  18. Well that explains everything wrong about Amtrak. /s

  19. I wasn’t aware that high speed rail in California was nationalized

  20. Well high speed has not been a private endeavor!

  21. I've no idea why you're getting downvoted, antibiotic resistance is a serious issue.

  22. Being a polymath does not exclude being wrong on some topics.

  23. Driven by oversubscriptions written by actual doctors. Hmmm.... Maybe they are not so perfect either. Hence the saying with something serious, "get a second opinion".

  24. Kind of but that graph is missing a huge data point which is the fed raising interest rates. That wasn't happening pre great recession.

  25. Which was partially the intent. The housing market was flaming hot for years driving up prices. Raising interest rates was mean to cool that off in addition to other things.

  26. I'm in a very similar situation!

  27. Yeah it's frustrating. Some of my opps were for international deals which my CEO and the board were pushing to get in to. Sales was trying! But the solution was not ready yet. And I could get nothing approved to sell. Excuses that were most definitely not technical. "Well we can't do Canada as we don't speak French." Really? Set aside English is the common language in the industry. But this is for the English speaking regions and partners. Can't understand the accent? Soory. And got the same selling into Shanghai - "We don't speak Chinese." Interesting. Neither do they. Most speak Mandarin or Cantonese. And... again English the language of choice there and the world in our industry.

  28. As others have said, training and certs. Self paced if the company will not do it.

  29. Last time I checked fully automatic weapons were banned unless you get a class 3 dealer license....... and that's a shitload of money.

  30. But that is your fault. Everyone should live in cities.

  31. Did I miss the news that we solved world hunger, ended all wars, cured cancer and the common cold, eliminated all hate, cleaned up the environment and have unlimited energy? Wow.

  32. And put them back in their burial chamber where they wished to stay for all eternity. I mean I wouldn't want to be grave robbed either.

  33. Have to ransack them first. Then complain when they shut down permanently.

  34. This is gonna come off as unsympathetic. I really do support the cause of anyone protesting police brutality.

  35. Plus it is finally colder in much of the nation. Protests usually do not gather a lot of steam (no pun intended honestly) when the weather is not great.

  36. Unless it defines 'citizen', what you are saying is a reach. The concept of citizenship as we know it wasn't the same as when these documents were written.

  37. Sad it is getting to the point that all laws would now need to define what a citizen is.

  38. For Google? No, it’s up higher than it was 4 weeks ago.

  39. I am just going off what the prior comments were regarding taking a loss MUST mean she didn't profit. But we do not know details (at least that I've seen) what price the shares were bought at and the sale price. Could have been a net profit. Could have been a loss taking a tax writeoff. Could have been attempting to avoid a bigger loss. If the details were more public, we would be more educated on what these insider traders are up to.

  40. She traded the stock at a LOSS. How in the world does that prove she's a criminal mastermind doing insider trading??

  41. She got out before a bigger loss. And timed for EOY tax deductions.

  42. There are many more poor whites than poor blacks. So for once a percentage stat might not be as convincing as you think it is. Is that there are 3% more whites than blacks that are criminal? Or that there is a 3% greater incidence in the total populations?

  43. Yeah. I didn't have cable for many years after cutting the cord long ago. So nice try on saying I must be a FNC viewer.

  44. That means they're double illegal now. Surely this means we will not see another one of them used in a Chicago shooting.

  45. It's a "double dog dare"! No way the criminals will continue to shoot all over the place now!!!

  46. I know, the capitalization is implied sarcasm.

  47. Ya never know in these parts of the interwebitubes!

  48. How many wacko nutjobs have to attack people in their homes with hammers before you agree it's a bad thing?

  49. What is a bad thing? Breaking and entering and then battery? Well duh. That's horrific. Mr. Paul could have easily been killed. But not related to this topic.

  50. The speaker is second in line. It's veep, then Speaker. The president pro-tempore of the senate is third in line.

  51. Technically you are correct about succession - which is the best kind of correct!

  52. I support an Avaya environment of 30k endpoints. We have migrated most things from TDM to SIP. You want a dedicated SIP circuit that offers QOS to the provider such as AT&T or century link. This way when some POS work from agent complains about call quality issues you narrowed down the issue to the agents shitty internet provider or they are transferring the call wrong.

  53. I wish he had just let go of Sears/KMart. Not saying it would have turned things around. But it would not have hurt.

  54. That kidnapping was years ago, before the merger. It was rumored that he fabricated the kidnapping to give him some more time to work out the details before merging Sears and Kmart.

  55. I'll admit I am biased. I was beyond suspicious when he took over.

  56. Yes, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, but you’re failing to admit that this still implies SOME restrictions.

  57. Still downvoting even while stating facts. Do not like the law or amendment? Change it. That is the way.

  58. Going around the law? Please explain using more than sound bites you’ve heard.

  59. My county is trying to ban wind turbines. The boomers hate that you won't be able to clearly see thousands of acres of corn.

  60. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you what county I live in, it's the internet dude.

  61. Lol. Chat gpt will be making programmers obsolete here in a few. Our politicians are so useless.

  62. Politicians are already useless. That has been on display for generations.

  63. To allow these people to continue to meet and spew their hate is to openly invite more violent discourse into schools and public life. I'm not advocating for violence, but they should not feel so comfortable openly expressing their bigotry.

  64. And yet... people here are cheering it on. Encouraging it even.

  65. I was sometimes told I looked like Brenden Fraser back in the day. I never saw it myself.

  66. Pakistanis in other subs have commented how their power doesn't work daily from 11am to 3pm, and they already have rolling blackouts. And that this happened last year, so no one really cares.

  67. It is a symptom. Look at the links above from OP. Look at their currency reserves. Look how they are working with urgency to have the IMF ease up on loan terms. Look at they are seeking loans from other countries to prop things up again.

  68. Buy some hens. Make your destiny of fame and fortune real!

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