1. I mean they’re anti everything from Cover at this point. Pirate the concert is very on point for them.

  2. Lol I didn't know this was a Japanese thing before seeing this post since you don't really go asking people to see their umbilical cord.

  3. I'd argue it's her thighs, but to each their own

  4. I'd argue it's her smile, but to each their own

  5. Out of those three, maybe Pixiv but probably not. The other two are not even contenders right now.

  6. What do you mean? It's arguably the best platform to follow artists and scrolling through artworks

  7. I don't know the whole story but for months they've been a target for fake account creation, flooded with garbage AI generated stuff, and there's been a rising number of reports of content flagged even though it was following the content rules. Most of that last gets fixed, but someone is going to great lengths to harass the platform and its artists as a whole. They are also lobbying card networks who in turn are putting pressure on the site. I don't think it's even about the adult content on there, someone's just using it for leverage to make a Japanese website suffer.

  8. I mean that's pretty much an issue on every platform nowadays. I haven't looked into it that deeply, but I've been using the site a lot everyday for years and I think they're doing a good job at managing it

  9. No, it's AI art (unless you use an upscaler)

  10. Can someone make it to amoled black the yellow hurts my eyes

  11. I see Jerma referenced more and more, but I’m still not sure how to understand him and I’m not entirely sure I want to.

  12. Give us some links, please OP, I like the art and want to see more

  13. The 2x2 thing is a fairly bad example, because many, many people struggle with that one. It's more of a logic puzzle than a math question in the context.

  14. Hell even almost ten years ago, Etho (a legendary Minecraft player)

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