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  1. people are lazy, bored and also stubborn. The evidence is already substantial... but it's 'scary', which it is. i don't think Anunnaki / gods/ Aliens ever intended for us to become conscious of our place of existence. Although they have made attempts to contact us in mass sightings...there's some force (our egos, our governments, our fears) that always seems to block us from accepting it. we weren't meant to know them like how we know each other in conversation. we can only meet them in soul/ Non-physical. Earth is some kind of experiment for Et races/inter-dimensional.

  2. Watch this Documentary about the event (it covers the basics w/ testimony and illustrations)

  3. What happened to the photos the female teacher took?

  4. Men dressed in formal Military attire appeared on the scene and asked to speak to her, where eventually they took the camera and the film with it. This was like an hour/ almost immediately after the event took place. its really weird they knew when and where to be without any of the students/teachers reporting it. So they were tracking it, probably from radar.

  5. I thought it was the Turkish dude Yalcin that filmed it

  6. yes, your right i got it wrong. i misunderstood that he was present one of the times it was filmed rather than the one filming. i would correct it the title if i could - spelling *Roger Leir. He visited the man that filmed it and it showed up again, so there was the confusion there.

  7. So the Pentagon said "Yes. There's footage and you're not allowed to see it, but just to prove we're hiding something go ahead and use this small clip."?

  8. many testified to had seen it at the AFB but there was a strict overseeing during the production of the film (UFOS: Past, present and future). So they were in no position to oppose the pentagon when they believed it shouldn't be shown in the film. Bob Emenegger (one of the co-producers) said he was surprised when he watched the film realising they had compromised and put in a few seconds of the footage in. really fascinating.

  9. The lights were filmed on March 5 (2004) by pilots using infrared equipment. They appeared to be flying at an altitude of about 11,480 feet, and allegedly surrounded the Air Force jet as it conducted routine anti-drug trafficking vigilance in Campeche. Only three of the objects showed up on the plane's radar.

  10. frankly we are all in this together so if its true or not, reality is still a mystery on its own.


  12. Ive got a photo of me in Santorini.

  13. post it if you can, but blur out face etc, would be good to see this

  14. Where did you get my painting from? Is it just out on the internet somehow? I gave that to the manager of blacksky brewery in Denver , and I didn't think many people have even seen it outside my website. did I post it here before and forgot? I'm not mad your using it or anything, i just didn't think anyone really knew about it. Not sure if I agree with your assertion here, but I also know as little as everyone else about it, so who knows.

  15. Are you saying those shiny things moving towards the orb are some types of projectile??

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