1. Came here to say them. Cannot stand their voices or the Gallagher personalities

  2. This vid has made me realise how much I've missed the podcast over the last few weeks😢

  3. South Park. Scrolled way to long trying to find it. Pick any random episode and its good or rewatch all from the start for comfort. Butters is the cutest character ever written😇

  4. The totally obsessed football (soccer) fan. Its totally fine to have hobbies and interests, and also fine to support your team but don't make it your entire personality where absolutely everything (partner/job/family/etc) come second to the football match.

  5. Recently rewatched Footloose (2011 edition) and it was so much worse than I remember

  6. Start with episode 1, they are short episodes so very easy to binge.

  7. Braveheart. It is not historically accurate at all and Mel Gibson isnt even Scottish but absolutely love the movie.

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