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  1. thats one of them a i robots thats going to take over the world soon i tell you what

  2. Where can you get the movies on blu-ray officially?

  3. Amazon, walmart, target, places like that. order online I would say or just google inuyasha "movies blu ray movies"

  4. Oh, okay. I was put off by the Amazon one because a reviewer said it was a bootleg seller, so this is good to know! Thank you!

  5. Yeah, I think I'm going to buy myself a copy. Found some better-looking deals.

  6. Listening to this I absolutely forgot where I was. Then the clip ended and whoosh back to reality

  7. "I don't have a solar one, but I do have one as bright as the sun"

  8. Was it a good run? I remember when my tiles went out, good times had. I shall put all my lights at 50% and a moment of silence for your loss.

  9. Is that underneath something like a desk? I have a busted one that I use under my desk and can hardly tell. Next time buy them from a store like best buy or home depot real easy to return

  10. Well I got a full refund from ebay thankfully. Yes It's under my bed. Also The person let me keep them.

  11. Nice. what is your plan for the broken ones? Are you going to go ahead and replace them? Do you have somewhere else you want to move the broken one too?

  12. i would switch places with them and fall out boy, but thats just my opinion. also i appreciate your range of music

  13. Where did you purchase it from? There are things you can do to try and fix it like the unplug and plug back in five times or on the cord there is a box and on that box is a little button you can try to press and hold but the truth is you probably have a bad adaptor. These lights are beautiful but are prone to having bad quality control. Had to rebuy my tiles twice and had to buy my strips three times.

  14. Sorry to say but no. What I ended up doing is buying a cheap tablet and having it run my lights, as for the mac book I can't say but the windows version is bugged.

  15. What app on the tablet did you use?

  16. You're absolutely right, Chuck is awesome, but he was bashing the Warriors fanbase heavily the entire broadcast, so of course all the fans would rally against him. It felt playful more than anything.

  17. Yeah years ago he had a lil fued with the spurs. It was fun he made fun of our Riverwalk and called it a creek and stuff lol

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