1. I am honored to have witness this exchange

  2. Ong, I’m 26 now couldn’t imagine having to raise a kid. I’m at least a decade away. but that’s why I said they rich so can do it. Can get a nanny or whatever

  3. wasn't until I hit 30 until I was comfortable enough to date to actually have kids. Kids are expensive mang

  4. Im looking to go back to college to pursue a degree in electrical (or electronic) engineering.

  5. On what math you want to focus on starting out... I really master the fundamentals. Like know algebra in and out then do geometry, calculus, pdes. I can't stress the important enough of having a solid math foundation going into an engineering degree

  6. Clips everyday inching towards blow it up territory

  7. Software and Data science is ultra saturated. Doesn't mean it's dead

  8. How was the engineering degree? I want to pursue engineering but not sure if I can handle the workload with my learning disability. What about studying, how much did you do?

  9. It's a lot of work. Even as someone who's naturally good at math and physics. If you come from a non technical background you need to develop a solid math and science foundation.

  10. Thank you, maybe I should look into something else. Any experience with Michanical Engineering Technology? It looks a little easier.

  11. It is easier. That's a technician degree as opposed to an engineering degree. You'd be doing the building and more hands on stuff moreso than the designing and high level problem solving. But if you're naturally good at it then you can Eventually become a legit engineer. That will take longer tho

  12. In general mechanical, electrical and civil engineering are your best bets for finding a ton of work after school. Electrical pays the most of the 3, mechanical is the most versatile and I’ve heard the schooling for civil is the easiest of the 3 (but by no means is it easy).

  13. I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm sure I'll have a job for the rest of my life. There is just so much work out there and it's not a job that you can automate. So much tribal knowledge in the field

  14. It’s pretty apparent out in the field that they need more mechanical engineers. Seems like a lot I’ve dealt with are brand new and have no business working on projects as big as they are.

  15. everyone was a new engineer at some point. With engineering, you have to throw them into the fire and let them learn. Hopefully with a senior engineer supervising them to minimize mistakes

  16. My work has a J1772 level 2 charger. I use my adapter every day. Unless they retrofit those chargepoints I'll be using it for the foreseeable future. The free volta chargers are also J1772 as well.

  17. all the time. the key is to go to your niche subreddit to look or ask for stuff.

  18. disagree, chatgpt lacks context and niche life experiences

  19. Huntington Ramen in Fullerton for one of the most extensive and reasonably-priced vegan Japanese menus I've ever seen. Only ever seems to get better and better

  20. Still delicious imo. Tastes the same since I was in high school

  21. Amazon has collapsed in the last 3 months or so, same day turns into 3 days, 2 day turns into 4 day and a lot of packages never even delivered. I canceled prime last year cause it isn't worth $150/year (California) and now I'm done ordering from them altogether.

  22. I just pay for the general shipping and don’t pay for prime. I can wait and don’t need it asap

  23. At that point you might as well just order in store pickup at Walmart or Target because you aren’t really saving anything

  24. Yup that's what I do for general stuff. Specific stuff I can't get irl then I just order through Amazon

  25. Some tips, I’d do the salt flats tour from San Pedro de atacama in chile where the highlight will be the salt flats rather than being the first thing you see.

  26. I nearly spit out my drink when I heard kawhi say that lmao. What a G

  27. Not specifically engineering but an issue i have as a young engineer: How do I build the confidence to put my name in the hat when opportunities come up in the company? There have been 3 opportunities (1 or 2 of which I probably would have been selected for) which I have felt like I “shouldn’t” put my name in for and ultimately someone with less experience and less tenure at the company than me got selected. These were all positions I would have liked to have had and would have been good for my career.

  28. As the great Michael Scott once said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

  29. Pro: You can get pretty quick promotions and pay bumps.

  30. I disagree. I’m single and I’m confident as hell. I approach people for conversation and very comfortable in my own skin when talking to everyone girl nor not girl. The moment I have a girl in my arm or have one hanging out with me the whole dynamic changes. I didn’t change, the girl next to me did

  31. Engineering is awesome. It's my chosen career and it's super rewarding and pays well. Medicine can really grind on someone because of the schooling and hours. Once you graduate college you have a stable and solid career for life. Don't let your parents discourage you. Being a mechanical engineer is very solid

  32. I think this is less about james harden then what they had to give up to get him. That trade decimated the clips front court depth and it doesn't help that randle torpedo'd into plumgod's knees.

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