1. Shouldn't Amsa's most recent win be Apex 2022?

  2. It’s actually funny how polar opposite their personalities are. His dad used to do his post game interviews for him at Oregon State lmao

  3. Just did Annapurna Base Camp a couple months ago.

  4. Ibdw got 2nd, double elimd by mango. Amsa got 3rd, double elimd by ibdw. Slug got 4th, double elimd by Amsa

  5. Death, taxes, top 3 mango ibdw and Amsa

  6. This was a set turning point moment. Insane bro

  7. That explains a lot of those disappointing Lob City seasons. I always felt like there was way too much talent on those teams to never make it past the second round.

  8. Blake and DJ were an awful fit together. A relic of an old time where there were two bigs on the court. Blake tried to work around it expanding his range but he wasn’t good enough of a shooter

  9. Beating Chris Paul and the Rockets (PO-liiiiiiice presence) was the high point of the Blake-as-lone-star era and was also probably the final nail in the coffin for his Clippers run. I think that was when they knew for certain that he had to go.

  10. Blake got injured that season too. I imagine that had something to do with it also

  11. I browse Reddit at work without logging in and the default Reddit homepage is dripping with political propaganda in subs that have nothing to do with politics

  12. I stick to targeted and niche subreddits now. I pop in to popular and all sometimes just to see what's going on and ya it's all political propoganda.

  13. Firing Kidd worked wonders for us in retaining Giannis. Maybe Mark could try that next?

  14. don't even think Kidd is the problem. the roster just blows

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