1. Below is just a guess. Full disclosure, I am a Mason myself, albeit currently inactive, but in good standing.

  2. I have a shriners temple near my house and another masonic lodge fairly close. seen guys with mason symbol bumper stickers on their car or masonic symbol hats. Always old guys that tend to drive below the speed limit. There has been three instances where i have been stuck behind someone with freemason parafinalia. Do you guys ever do any driving courses for self imrovment? Or are the conspiracy theorists right, you conspire to cause traffic and human suffering on the road?

  3. Lol, reminds me of something. My state has a Masonic license plate. I asked my mentor in the Lodge about them, and he said he never got one because he didn't want Freemasonry to be judged by his driving. I opted to follow his example...lol.

  4. Assuming it's missing an emerald eye on purpose, it may be a unique interpretation of the Norse god

  5. Why not have the bird squashing the A? It would add even more of a sense of weight while adding some clarity to the name.

  6. Coming from someone whose brother passed away, I guarantee he’s still in shock. I remember for months being the one holding my parents and family together and telling them how we will make it through. Being the “optimist”. One day it all just hit me and those positive thoughts just vanished and I couldn’t be that person for anyone anymore. I’m not saying this will happen to him. I can only hope he doesn’t hit that low like me, it was like starting the grief all over again for me.

  7. Yeah, this right here. The immediate couple of months after were definitely easier somehow than what came later. I was about 3-4 months past what I call "D-Day" before the bottom really dropped out. Still there a little over a year later, unfortunately.

  8. Not trying to be a pedant, but this is an Icelandic magical stave that has no attestation before the 1800’s. In fact, it is likely derived from a form of Christian magic. Regardless, it was created far after the Viking Age ended.

  9. You can check out the Alt.Pro-Wrestling.WWF Usenet posts from the days following.

  10. Really wonder what happened? Only things I can think of is a money situation or he wanted AEW to hire Tessa and they wouldn't budge

  11. In this interview I think, he said he “hopes Tessa stays in school and continues her education”. Doesn’t sound like they’re on good terms, lol.

  12. I figured this quote would get all of the attention, but this whole “interview” was pretty funny in how negative Tully was in response to questions.

  13. This ancient dickhead still thinks it's 1998 and TV ratings are the only thing that matters...

  14. Why blame the headliner (Hangman/Omega) for a lower drawing Full Gear 2021, but not give the headliner (Hangman/Cole) credit for a higher drawing Revolution 2022? I don’t understand the logic there.

  15. This idea gets used a lot. Hard to say whether or not a logo is good without knowing its purpose.

  16. This is not my area of specialty, but I believe this symbol originates from a 2006 "left-hand path" "grimoire" by Asenath Mason called The Book of Mephisto.

  17. This is a modern creation by Debbie Z Almstedt, a self-proclaimed “angel communicator”. She wrote a book in 2002 that includes this and 87 other symbols that she calls “Zibu”, an alleged angelic healing language.

  18. Who will hate Gary more by the end of the game? Georgia fans or Kentucky fans?

  19. Kentucky is implementing chaos theory. Just not the winning variety. The “make the game freeze while loading” type.

  20. if this happens then whats to stop tattoo artists being sued for stealing copyright work from the internet?

  21. Nothing, technically. It’s just not often worth it to go through the legal process to stop them. It’s why fan art is usually ignored. However, occasionally copyright holders have been known to send C&D’s to fan artists.

  22. If there’s one thing Masons love to create, it’s lapel pins. There are so many out there — general Mason pins, Grand Lodge pins, individual Lodge pins, club within a club pins. Heck, I’ve seen pins made by a group of guys who go out for a beer together after Lodge. There’s pretty much no limit on who can make a pin, or what a pin can/can’t show. Thus, there’s probably pins out there with symbolism that only those who gave them out would know.

  23. Think I'm gonna need some more bourbon to finish this game

  24. $50 where I live, usually a keg of decent beer will be $140(for the liquid content) and $50 for the keg

  25. I think you misunderstand their point. The cost of the container — the unfilled keg — to the owner (i.e., the brewery) is around $120. A $30-$50 deposit does not cover how much it would cost the brewery to replace it.

  26. Love this entrance I just wish the announcers let to breathe and shut the hell up.

  27. Yeah, I agree. At least let us hear the fans sing the intro without the announcer screaming over it.

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