1. The Brave Little Toaster. As a kid, I thought it was just a journey of household appliances to find their owner. Years later, realized how much the musical numbers slapped.

  2. Is the Pizza Hut Book It! program still around? Do kids still read?

  3. Do you have any hobbies or activities that you really enjoy?

  4. It might be that count is initialized to 0 in each iteration of the for loop.

  5. Working on a JS battleship game.

  6. The computer kicked my ass five times straight in your game. lol

  7. Have you tried restarting Windows so that the registry settings take effect?

  8. Whether a joke would be considered "funny," and generating funny jokes. Would require a lot of natural language processing and machine learning.

  9. Not necessarily, might be a couple within a social circle that OP thinks are hooking up and is wondering what the signs are

  10. When GIR's eyes turn red on Invader Zim, and he temporarily behaves like a competent SIR unit.

  11. CSS operates on specificity, meaning the most specific selector is the one that's applied. It might work if you do something like #parent a in the media query.

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