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  1. Yes it’s in there filed reports. Ken Griffin is a financial terrorist.

  2. So... proof? Gonna link it, or just keep claiming it without evidence?

  3. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1146184/000128417022000004/CDRG_BS_Only_FS_2021.pdf

  4. Who’s selling? I want the fuckers in prison

  5. I've been balls deep reading the DD unfold on the bathroom stock subreddit for a couple of weeks now. It looks like things are happening and I expect it to directly affect GME if it's an M/A with Cohen involved.

  6. I’ve spent more time there then here. Everything seems to be pointing to M&A. Not sure but I feel like RC gets baby and Icahn gets bbby.

  7. Belief like that is how we were not certain about the NFT marketplace. Look how far we've come.

  8. Same with splividend. We rarely are too far off. It might be baby it might be all of bbby we don’t know yet but I hold both DRSed. Same with LRC same with IMX we rarely have been wrong we are early.

  9. Kinda interested in how you had karma high enough to post?

  10. There’s a monster DD post by

  11. Agreed this really got my tatas poking out. List all references too

  12. I live in New and honestly believe I haven't missed a single post in the last 24 months, but this is the first time I hear this name.

  13. I’m always here haven’t heard shit until this post.

  14. I would be incredibly happy if it starts Monday, I am going to be switching careers in the upcoming week and it's scary

  15. Congrats! I did the same in august which allowed me to roll my 401k into a self directed Ira. Which I promptly bought as many gme shares as I could.

  16. I mean I just went in the app and can add a 100 gift card to my cart. Not sure on this one

  17. Seriously. This week was a roller coaster ride. Hope we are on the right side.

  18. We are. Ramen or Lambos we know what we signed up for.

  19. The only two options that make sense are a negligent/corrupt board or a merger/acquisition.

  20. Great response. I’m in the M&A camp and that’s why I’m here. I trust RC he has not screwed his investors over to date…the hedge funds are the ones trying to crush these companies still because they took greedy stupid bad bets and got caught. Don’t forget we have traded billions and billions of shares over the last couple of runups. It’s shorted 80% (self reported) as of Thursday. Buy Hodl and DRS. We need more DRS posts we could lock this float so fast.

  21. Sharing loss porn - usually super shilly - might actually be a good idea (and fucking awesome) to show we got some whalesssss in here. I’m down 🙋🏻‍♂️

  22. Not a loss if you haven’t sold. Price is fake.

  23. Stay stonky my friends. Still holding.

  24. Plus your missing the best part for investors. If this happens it should force a share recall. Moass

  25. I dont get paid until tomorrow but hoping price stays low in the moring!

  26. CNBC posted article 15 minutes after it was filed. 2 halts within 20 minutes. I’m positive this is the end game.

  27. all i need to know is that CNBC posted an article 15 minutes after the 10Q was filed. M&A is almost guaranteed in my book. HODL its Ramen or Lambo's on this play.

  28. 2 LULD Halts since it went live. We are close

  29. Go and compare the Blackrock 13G/A from January 20th and the one from today. So far, I have noticed these discrepancies:

  30. DRS your shit so we can vote and have it count.

  31. That’s why DRS is so important. If you’ve been in for two years why didn’t you bring that up?

  32. We need capitulation so we can exit our shitty trades.

  33. I was banned long ago. I still don’t think I can post. Subs compromised

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