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  1. Seems like you’ve found a Pokémon from the UK, most likely Streatham, London. Be careful as they might seem friendly at first glance but when you turn around to look back, it’s already to late.

  2. But why did he put his hand out the window to try and stop his car from hitting the other car?

  3. I like how at the end he just ate it with a knife and fork like it’s normal. Wonder if he can still feel stuff in his mouth anymore?

  4. You've probably chosen to shorten the length of the contract, guessing down to 24 months? If you're on the unlimited plus plan you should have switch up so can just upgrade when the next iPhone is out if the value of your 14 max doesn't cover your upgrade.

  5. Depends if my usually website is down. Anywhere from £50-£100

  6. The only good thing in this even was Mr beast. I’m not even a big fan of him but seeing him float around space helplessly was more enjoyable then catching some balls

  7. I "successfully logged out" (more like kicked) a few minutes before the finale. Man what the heck :(

  8. Also wrong, I work as one of Santa’s many elf’s in a type of winter wonderland place

  9. Nice shot OP! It reminded me the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter hahaha I'd be scared to walk there

  10. It’s never usually this eerie but the last few days it’s been extremely foggy

  11. Was dared to buy the newest iPhone and in return I would get £20.

  12. ITS SO CUTE, just keep hanging in there, you will love the game

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