1. Since joining Fnatic in 2019, Dardo has transformed League of Legends operations into a well-oiled machine, always vying for the title. His steadfast commitment to high performance allows the team to focus on being the best.

  2. Throwback when floor 11 used to have hydro CD debuff and I'd use full length Childe Skill 💀

  3. Because they were censored episodes, the first 2 and the tower were also censored in my country. Not sure about the other ones tho

  4. for a guaranteed 5* you need 180 wishes so about 28 800 primos, but usually you'll get it before hitting the hard pity

  5. It's probably around 158 wishes +-, most people get them at 75+-

  6. I just have a message in chapel of anticipation saying "First off, just do it". It has 8k up votes by now...

  7. Idk, I download the dodi repack yesterday and when opening the map or the menu it lags so much, maybe I need the update but I don't seem to find it

  8. To be fair, Vladimir has to activate those abilities Prior to pooling.

  9. And Vlad is turbo trash if he doesn't perfect Cs in the early and mid game, yuumi just needs to exist being a support

  10. What updates? Empress kinda already fixed many stutters and low performance caused by the worst feature a game could have (Denuvo)…?!

  11. Everyone is using a 4* weapon. C6 on Fischl, Xingqiu, Sucrose, and Bennett. C0 on Dehya. :)

  12. Well, Paolini teased the book being about a certain "King of the world" kind of enemy, stronger and from other region

  13. Check if the new quests requires you to do the interlude. If so, kazuha quest HERE WE GO!

  14. Getting a raise that puts you into the next tax bracket does not mean all your income is taxed at the higher rate, only the small piece over the threshold.

  15. That depends on the country tho, where I'm from that's actually true

  16. How about actually buffing minions instead of nerfing the wave clear champions? It seems crazy that 1 champion can clear a wave designed to have 5 players hitting it

  17. People are just overreacting, I really liked the villain. However, it was wrongly named, as if the place wasn't eh quantum realm but any other place the plot wouldn't change whatsoever...

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