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  1. The plush fur texture is so huggable!

  2. Just want to say Evan is not just from the logbook. In The Real Jake, there’s a dad who talks to his son through a walkie talkie inside a stuffed animal… and he has a brother named Mike. This came out after we theorized about the name being Evan, and Scott often uses the books to drop details telling us whether or not we’re right or wrong, or giving clues. I don’t think this should be ignored in the discussion, but it often is.

  3. I think Scott in the Frights references fan things to draw attention like "hey this story may be talking about a certain character": Chuck the Chump (CC), Evan and Michael (obviously), All is well (popular Afton fan song).

  4. I think it's Gregory, but even so I would be so, so happy with Garrett. Any confirmed, in canon name (in whatever timeline) I am like, please give.

  5. Got an upgrade, in consideration of the box incident.

  6. I think it's going to be like The Silver Eyes, a trilogy but its own story.

  7. My best guess (assuming that Scott didn't screw up basic maths) is that she wasn't declared dead until 1983, just considered a missing child up until then. That doesn't explain the difference in birth year, though, unless Charlie's (falsified) memories are wrong and she was only two and a half at the time of the kidnapping.

  8. I wrestled with this too but ultimately the final gravestone and the newspapers scene just have different dates.

  9. While it's possible that Scott just decided to change Charlie's birth and death dates for the third book because it synergised better with the games or something, there are still oddities in the first book alone. Charlie claims to have been seven years old she left Hurricane in July 1985 - she'd have to be born in '78 and turn three in '81 for that to work.

  10. I think that the bite happens in Spring/Summer, there are flowers and everyone is wearing shorts and short sleeves.

  11. They're meant to be played in the order they're released in!

  12. LOVED M3GAN definitely had faz fright vibes, all the parts with the robot tech were the BEST.

  13. It's a pixel cutscene, we don't see everyone at the party. Like presumably Elizabeth, Mrs. Afton, and William would all be at the party too and we don't see any of those characters.

  14. So happy to see these, thanks for posting, definitely saved! And ahhhhh Henry and Aunt Jen!!!

  15. Most of the post will likely get overhauled once Ruin releases

  16. O: Does Ruin effect the other games?

  17. That completely depends on what happens in Ruin, which is why I'm personally inclined to just wait for, at the very least, a trailer before I change anything. I doubt there will be any huge lore reveals that will force me to remake the entire thing, but this is FNaF, I genuinely can't be sure

  18. Yeah that's cool. Was just wondering if it was going to be updated from the Encyclopedia but fair enough to wait for Ruin. This year hopefully!

  19. The encyclopedia says they were released but not that they moved on.

  20. There's a Spring Bonnie but no Fredbear alas.

  21. Everything treats them as the same, from the novels to the various guides, including this encyclopedia.

  22. Elizabeth elaborates on the difference between the characters:

  23. the robot version of Charlotte doesn't like the name Charlotte, and instead calls herself Charlie, this is due to some of Henry's Remnant being inside of her, it's why she takes up his hobbies and acts more "manly"

  24. She does like it when her dad calls her Charlotte and refers to it as her full name, she just doesn't like when other people call her that.

  25. Same, Charlotte's page is the most whack.

  26. If the character encyclopedia is reliable (unlike Freddy files and tug) then this basically confirms mikevicitm

  27. If it's reliable and he's only in FNAF4 he can't be the nightguard.

  28. Ye, but it also says that Charlotte only appears in the novels becuase that's the only time we see Charlotte in that age range, and the only time crying child would be, well, a child is in fnaf 4, since fnaf 1 and sl are over a decade after fnaf 4 and crying child is 9-12 in fnaf 4

  29. I think it also lists Charlotte as appearing in FNAF2, FNAF3, Pizza Sim, and the Stingers.

  30. Well thats the thing about "those same stupid songs".

  31. But the second part of that line is "and I never got a bath? I’d probably be a bit irritable at night too." and you can't wash a cartoon.

  32. The description was removed and isn't in any of the actual printings and isn't on amazon anymore either. 100% confirmed stuff is different from even "very likely".

  33. Or perhaps that indie game creator in the games became an author, creating the novels and Fazbear Frights. Fazbear Entertainment could just say people are confusing fantasy and reality if the past was ever dug up.

  34. I think this myself lol! That there's some in-game version of the novels and frights.

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