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  1. his opinion is that coins are trash, that’s why he’s the 10th dentist

  2. dude, you’re 40, statistically you have the same amount of time you’ve lived again, just start doing some stuff now, because why not

  3. I was so excited to play it on the PS4 when gamefly finally had copies to send out.

  4. I don’t think y’all understand that Twitter isn’t dead until you stop talking about it…

  5. This comment section is a warzone (no pun intended). Wish you the best in your life and thank you for your service, even if our government doesn’t appreciate you I hope the appreciation of one teenage dude can help make it just a bit better

  6. Why is this question asked every week? STOP FARMING KARMA FFS

  7. I’d definitely watch it either way, if I made it I should get it 🤷‍♂️

  8. As someone who was in this spot recently, don’t do it. When you think things are good something will always happen to fuck you over. That is a fact of life.

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