1. This is a popular opinion, every kid thinks that. Unpopular would be that He should be taught in school.

  2. I dont understand this. If you are living with a roommate or alone (which I suppose most people do) how do you not know how to cook? It cant be just takeouts every meal, I really dont think people would do that.

  3. “Manipulative capitalism” tells you everything you need to know about this person.

  4. I don't. Hard to find relaxed fit anymore--everything these days is tailored/slim fit. Plus, I find most jeans uncomfortably hard and non-compliant. Also don't have much need for them. Either I am in my office attire or when home wearing cargo/military pants or sweats.

  5. Not sure if this is satisfying. More like horrifying for the dog. He's thinking he lives with a fire bender now

  6. Upvoted your post. Could you do the same for this comment Cautious-Rep?

  7. It needs to be a gradual change. I had sugar cravings very often but I realized I wanted to drink something often. I moved over to home made less sugary drinks but then I started drinking cold water instead. Worked for me.

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