1. i wouldnt be suprised. there are people that do minimalism for the right reasons and those for a way of coping. I think majority of people do it to cope which is usually the case with every other ideology. You have those who think their free but still follow ways opposite to their ideology and a small percent that actually achieve and live by it successfully. This reminds me of that article, "You will own nothing and youll be happy".

  2. That is Klaus Schwabb quote, IIRR. Our unappointed rulers will still own things, in this plan of theirs, I am pretty sure!

  3. Most businessmen do not like people saving up their money, that is true. The median household has virtually no savings in USA.

  4. The government has the resourves to enforce a tax on privacy profits. It wouldn't be that successful as lobby groups for big tech would see a swift end to that proposal.

  5. Isn't that too fatalistic? Lobbyists don't get their way on everything. The banks certainly didn't want Dodd-Frank. Sure, it got watered down, but it had made a significant difference.

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