Hello everyone. My name is Tula and after 14 years I am crossing the rainbow bridge to see my brother today! I missed him but I will miss my family here too. Please give your chihuahua a hug for me because I love hugs and won't be around to give them while my family hurts.

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  1. Blue freeze, lavender syrup, sparkling water, orange drink, solar skin

  2. I wish my Claire’s had her! Would calling and asking be ok? Don’t wanna be annoying

  3. Cressida in the back be like „ok I’m sleeping now“😅😄 cute finds 🌟

  4. Lol I squish her every night in my sleep oooops she’s well loved!

  5. For me this squish has in a way the most realistic and coolest design. Love it! 🧡🦧🧡

  6. Love this squish as well! I feel like many others don’t lol

  7. I’m grateful for my family and few friends I have 💞💖

  8. Ordering a net when I get my paycheck 😖 I’m out of room too

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