1. I've never had chicken feet. Do you pull the skin off the bones or eat the whole thing like a soft shell crab?

  2. First option. You pull the skin with your teeth… but some people suck it like a lollipop!

  3. That seems really difficult to do while it's on a pizza! Thank you.

  4. Stranger Things isn’t the best, but it’s pretty damn good

  5. I LOVE the Stranger Things intro for its simplicity/shortness for the time period the show portrays. I think it's sets the tone perfectly. I never skip it. ❣️

  6. Just set the price limit for the dress and leave her alone. Ffs.

  7. Dude, my brain is now working overtime on bread bowl/ soup combos! 🤤 Thanks for the idea!

  8. The cat is important. If my pet was missing I'd be crashing through ever post

  9. My (f) cousin was the "cautionary tale" growing up. We were a month apart in age but she started having sex at 11, dropped out of high school, took off with her adult bf at age 16 and got knocked up.

  10. Me and my Nanny are besties! Going for sushi next week! She raised me starting at 7 and I’m 37 now. We talk every week and get together a few times a year and just hang out for hours. She’s mom #2 to me and always will be.

  11. I was just wondering "how did she not keep in touch with mommy #2?" Happy for you guys! 💕

  12. I did not know chair socks were a thing, but I'm sure these must be the best ones on the market.

  13. That is really interesting! Bet it's delicious! Happy bday to you both!

  14. Check out west coast dips builder line, it's huge and free of most sensitizing ingredients.

  15. Cooking and baking are a huge thing in my family. I've learned so many tips and tricks from everyone including my great- great grandma that I don't want to share with people outside of my "family." (Good friends are included in "family.")

  16. I know your question has been answered but I really like the dark brown. Makes your eyes pop and you look very striking. ✨️

  17. I love them so much too! They are so fun and silly while being really great musically. Their live show is also mind blowing. 🔥

  18. Why would anyone do that? From the title of the article, I was expecting the kid to be filming a tiktok video and was obstructing a public area or something. The guy gets fed up and hits him. This is just straight up "How can I go to jail thw fastest?" stupid.

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