1. Nice illustration, what book is this from?

  2. There are good cover crops you can sell, it’s also encouraged to cycle your land. If you have 100 acres to grow on, you should be cycling the plots. Divide it into 5 20 acre plots and only use 3 at a time. Use 3 one year, and then move all your crops over 1 plot clockwise the next year. Do the same the next year.

  3. Precisely this, or divide 5 acres into 1 acre plots, or 1 acre into 1/4 plots... the little things you can do to reap some benefits from the plot that is resting... I encourage alot of edibles in a really complex cover mix that is constantly changing & getting better over time. Things like cilantro and lemongrass (zone 8b, some species could fail with a late freeze) volunteer everywhere if I limit tilling to coinciding with their life cycles, so there's a harvestable quantity of both, and poundage of coriander (here we call the seed by coriander & the plant cilantro for whatever reason). There's tons of food growing for my ducks, like wild lettuce, sorrel, lambs quarter, arugula, some half breed brassica... and wildflowers, enough that you could sell 10 or 20 bouquets every week at market for a couple months - people love that and it draws eyes to your stand.

  4. Well if it's any consolation, the idea that tilling "kills" or somehow disrupts & inhibits the soil biome is actually pretty silly, and constitutes a fad propagated by rich yuppies who publish gardening books. No-till is only better when it's easier. You do it because you have to, because you don't have tractor, don't have tool, only have hands, cannot till. Or because your slope precludes agriculture generally, i.e. it's too steep to work in the first place without causing erosion. Buncha hippies are going to exhaust their soil in 3-5 years with all this no-till hype without actually pulling off the 12" thick engineered & amended monstrosity of a mulch layer that it takes to replace what your chard and kales are pulling from the soil.... or producing the 5 gallons PER SQUARE FOOT of KNF juice that it takes to replace the mass of n-p-k that would otherwise be worked into the soil...

  5. This thing is just kinda of silly. It's blocky, over done with a ridiculous amount of tubes, will surely overheat your room and drive the power bill through the roof.

  6. It's almost certainly OTL which is why so many, the output straight from the plates is 4/8/16 ohms.

  7. So I was thinking about using gaia green soil and some HP mix, along with amendments and what not. Is there a place where I csn get better stuff for cheaper? Or is this about as good as it'll get? Also for the beds, how tall should they be and how many plants per?

  8. Well, around here yes, but not everywhere. I am in California, and there's a lot of commercial ag that uses potting mixes, such as greenhouse tomatoes. So there's options & volume. Also, there's alot of direct catering to the cannabis market (although that gets a little fishy and overpriced here and there).

  9. Thanks for the detailed response. Definitley going to take the soil advice lol.

  10. If you go full season, I would be trying to give them at least 200 gal of soil each & hoping for 3-5 lbs per plant. 200 gals are 50" in diameter, which is basically 4 feet. You could still do bed rows, but it is true that you can stagger the smart pots and get a little more even canopy. I figure I would put about 30 or 34 plants for full season, and try to get around 100 out of it. I've done more, I mean a pound per 10sqft is pro-tier, so it's possible to do 180 out of this thing. But I would not count on that the first year - be stoked with half that, but 5 or 10 years from now you should be capable of pulling 180 outta it in a single run.

  11. Honestly the soil mix has some weirdness to it, nobody would ever be able to afford 20% castings at scale and it's over the top, and there's no compost, manure, etc. You need 5% castings (less in esrablished gardens), 5 to 10% compost, and less than 5% well-composted manure. Add some small amounts (talking about less than 1%) of bone meal, oyster shell, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, blood meal, fish bone meal, if you can get your hands on guano yes but careful, it's strong... insect frass, cottonseed meal, feather meal, neem cake.... you know, a diversity of inputs. All kinsa stuff you can use. You don't have to use all of it, get out a calculator and total you mass of n, p, and k, and put exactly the right amount... when mixing new soil you have that opportunity without having testing done.... anyways, you could buy a mixed amendment product like, there's bags with bird guano, fish bone, beef bone, alfalfa pellet, azomite, and feather and you can just use one of those products, the ones for sale here will be different unless we are in the same region. I like the down to earth "rose and flower mix" or the Dr earth flower girl.

  12. Spamming links to a website offering a service is not a great advertising technique.

  13. My jeweler actually sells gold bars. Has them in a case next to the Rolexs.

  14. We have Gerald Ford to thank for that, he ended FDR's executive order 6102 which made it illegal for any person to possess more than $100 worth (excepting jewelry & heirlooms) and compelled citizens to surrender their gold to the federal reserve in exchange for $20 per Oz. That's a real thing, 1933-74 it was a federal felony to own more than $100 worth of gold. I swear to god.

  15. That's some good shit right there. I've grown out the mtf and it was spot on, I've grown a whole bunch of airborn skelly crosses & its just about my favorite hashplant daddy, the assman I have no idea, but I bet these are great. Indoors, probably 8-9 weeks. Mtf triggers early outdoors, which I'd attribute to being bred in Alaska.

  16. I'm pretty new to growing, but hopefully, I found a keeper already. I'm letting the cuttings root before flowering, but at 30 days veg, the stem rub feels greasy and smells like tropical gas.

  17. Neat. It's really hard to determine anything other than phenotypic orientation with stem rub. Like if you've grown a line out for years, and you know for instance, that the one you're after smells like x, y, z on the stem rub, you can utilize that to identify them. But it's not like, strong stem rub = strong terps in flower, not even a little. It's more like, "this one is clearly Thai dominant" or what-have-you.

  18. "if you are quieter, you'll sound better. I can make you louder, but I can't make you more quiet."

  19. Bonus points if you have a sweet mic cabinet. "This is the microphone SRV recorded "x" album with, and to get that perfect tone we need y, and z conditions." The expensive mic goes a long way in getting someone to trust you.

  20. Seriously, call the big-bois, don't worry about "what you can afford" cause there's a huge pot of money here. Um, I'd start by "shooting for the moon" and calling firms that have represented successful recent class-actions in silicon valley. Someone who has the connections to pull off a settlement... idk how all this stuff really works but, a quick Google search on Hagens Berman sounded pretty good, they got the Theranos investors some dough. I think settlement is way more common than a judge siding with investors, so it's a big "who do you know" game of the ruling class, on both sides....

  21. Ah yeah, see I actually have no idea what I'm talking about...

  22. Wondering mostly about indoor. Like take the tops then wait week for the next round of cuts? Waiting for the plant to be ripe all the way down

  23. Outs, yes. Deps, if there's not another round going in that season, yes. Ins, no, priority is to flip the room again, not wait 2 weeks for 8%.

  24. I could be wrong, but the word "nubile" means something different from what I think you think it means. Unless you mean the employees are young and sexually attractive. Just Fyi

  25. No you're right - and I thought it meant simply "young, naive, inexperienced" without any sexual implication, so yeah that sounded really weird, and good looking out. But I guess now I'll need to just leave it there so that this comment thread still makes sense...

  26. I barely know any breeders from the east coast at all, and the ones I do breed indoors. I mean, a "mold resistant" plant is one that can get rained on 3 times while in flower and be fine. How much rain are they gonna get there, and how ready are you to face 85% crop loss your first year? The reliable dry season/wet season is 1000% the reason cannabis is grown so extensively from Santa Barbara to Anchorage. I would not even consider running full-terms on the east coast. Dep only, and a quick flip too. Don't give it time to develop disease in that funky 95% humidity greenhouse.

  27. No clue, but I stopped by to see if anyone understands why you would do such a thing. If you need to remove those browns to plant immediately, you didn't till at the right time. I'm seeing "I have a substantial amount of carbon and worm food worked into my soil at an appropriate ratio and depth, let's spend an enormous amount of energy removing all of it!!"

  28. Understood. But what would be your approach if those nests were populated?

  29. The nests aren't populated at all, you'll only find wasps around them when they're being built in the summer. They're essentially baby capsules, eggs and several kills to provide them with food when they hatch, like spiders, little lizards and beetles and stuff. If you dissect one, you'll find several little tubes packed with ded bugs, terminating with a larvae. More than likely they're from seasons past and mostly hollow at this point.

  30. do you have a source for this? i’ve read that not all bears hibernate the entire winter - some will go out and look for food and then go back to sleep. i don’t know if that’s true and don’t have a source, but i’ve never heard what you said so i’m curious

  31. Correct, in very mild climates (here in Cali) they will come out for sometimes weeks before returning to hibernation, just following along with the weather. I have a couple black bears near me, and it's those warm, sunny weeks in mid-winter when they are the most destructive & curious. They seem to capitalize as much as possible on their moment awake. Must be really hungry. That's the time of year I loose chickens, ducks, and geese to bears. Doggo is also inside because winter, so that could have something to do with my experience. So yes, you are correct.

  32. Just for drinking? Is it against the rules to plan on selling to take profit in the future, i.e. investing the money? If you choose the right tea, you can outperform the s&p by a mile.... of course you'll need to spend some amount on storage, unless you already have that taken care of.

  33. My dad almost died from a "worst case scenario" version of this moment, tree got more momentum going and the impact threw him about 30ft. Broke 7 vertebrae, every rib, hip, collar bone both sides, shoulder pulverized & amputated from the scapula down. Icu 4 weeks. More than a week without surety he would survive. Lil bro saw it all, right in front of him. Initially he was not breathing. Like I said, every rib, so imagine wanting/needing to give cpr to your father and his ribcage is crushed.

  34. I used to manage a Jimmy John's from open to close on the weekends. About once a month, we'd have an entire bus full of college athletes (tennis, soccer, baseball...) show up unannounced and fill the entire lobby. Four employees to make 60 or so sandwiches, on top of the catering orders and the online orders and answering the phone for all of the hungover delivery orders... it was intense but achievable. The biggest obstacle was not running out of bread.

  35. Yeah, people really expect alot from fast food employees, generally due to having never worked as one, and dehumanizing the idea of the process in their minds to the point that they consider it a machine with humans at the levers, and aren't even attempting to cognize the living feeling of being screamed at by a Karen that "that's not the right lid for a frap" and trying to explain that we ran out of them when you ordered 47 beverages IN THE FUCKING DRIVE THRU for god only knows what reason. Shawndra just burned herself on a plastic container with two weird eggs in it. I am the only other person here. Please calm down.

  36. It's just someone dreaming I guess. One of my favorite threads on audiokarma is the "list of absurd prices" screencap sharing thread. This belongs there. Crawling ebay for quite a few very specific things (my saved searches are about 400 entries lol) I run into this kinda thing on an almost daily basis. It's just good for lols.

  37. I think the "boomer and older" generations had this casual acceptance of smoking inside, but anyone younger than about 45, there's about a 0% chance that they smoke inside. It took an entire culture gaslighting each other into acceptance to think "this is fine" when someone lights a cigarette indoors. It's as overwhelming as can possibly be. I've smoked for my whole life unfortunately, and I would be extremely offended and find it bizarre if someone lit a cigarette in my house. I didn't grow up around it (millennial) so I do not see any benefit. I think it's an "old people" problem. Maybe I'm too influenced by California. Maybe Arkansas is different, idk.

  38. In Florida we have a state controlled weed cartel that only allows companies to grow if they have “insert list of requirement to large for any small business start up” so that they have complete leverage in the market and serious price fixing.

  39. This post, everyone. It's a big mess. California is a fuk. They're basically like "these regulations will kill most businesses, but we can probably extract exorbitant licensing and permit fees from all of them for several years before they're just dead."

  40. It would be pretty cool if they let you bid on your own mortgage. Like "Hey Bank of America is about to buy your mortgage for 55 cents on the dollar, want to buy it out for 56 cents?"

  41. Oh no no no no you don't, these moments are for wealth consolidation, not for plebes to increase their share of equity. My god, can you imagine if they just let people own things that easily, ahhahahaha yes hmm.

  42. I'm still not sure what triggers this bot. Is it the word "no?" Perhaps "no" used multiple times? No no no no

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