1. I swear every album has a Thugger feat since he was locked up

  2. Drake friendship was never real, they’re both cloutchasing each other

  3. The lake monster part on hardcore/professional, if you know you know

  4. Growing up is realizing that The Final Cut is better than you remember

  5. It's the north of Spain in general, I'm from Galicia and the woods are definitely inspired by my lands

  6. Some people like looking at the music credits to know who did what it’s not that crazy dude

  7. Whoever is saying that the OG music is better is biased by nostalgia and not really listening to the new bangers, they fit so good with the new tone of the game and match the epicness of it

  8. Dondasplace is out of his camp, don't trust him. He’s cloutchasing

  9. Blame Game just because sometimes I skip the outro, all the songs are 9.5/10 on that project

  10. Cons deserves to use Ye as a clickbait but it gets pretty annoying sometimes

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