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  1. Wendy's commercial from the 80s with people on swings grabbing huge chunks of burger meat.

  2. I found a great map website that shows residential genealogy where you can see the names of landowners throughout the past.

  3. Yep you are on the right track. Counties in Ohio are basically divided up into a grid of townships (

  4. Not sure if this thread is dead, but here's a good Hamilton County township map from 1869

  5. Just got flashbacks from working at Starbucks in college

  6. I was at the Cincinnati show and I had the same thought. I've been a fan for years and it was my first time seeing him live. Wish the set was longer.

  7. 100%. I think it's absolutely fantastic.

  8. Check out the group on Facebook - they send out event updates for all the races

  9. Just throwing it out there because it hasn't been mentioned yet, but Walt's Hitching Post is worth a try. Ribs are 'cling to the bone' and not mushy. Good smoke.

  10. Sorry, this is in western North Carolina, at about 3600' elevation.

  11. Awesome! Yeah, I’ll be going to the Asheville, NC show this Sunday; can’t wait!

  12. Second. The hash legitimately made me cry.

  13. Last week I saw that my local ACE Hardware (Mariemont) installed a kitchen knife sharpening machine like this

  14. Check out the Edge of Appalachia nature preserve in Adams County - pretty neat trail with caves and great views that hooks up to the Buckeye Trail.

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