Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

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  1. Can you still platinum this game on ps4 or are the servers dead

  2. Got most the Mp trophies and can confirm it's pretty easy to get into lobbies for most games modes on ps4

  3. The movement feels too floaty and not as weighty as older battlefields. Sniping seems to be very difficult in this game for some reason, atleast on console. The super slide needs to be toned down.

  4. I got so happy that I reached diamond, then I saw the patch notes.

  5. Any chance you guys can add complete button remapping on ps4

  6. Memorise 1 new page revise last 5 pages and 1 juz every day. Estimated time: 1 half hours Since you’re chilling at home split it into 3 half hour sessions. Worked for me. Used to average a juz a month.

  7. We gunna get a lady chiyo gaara moment and kyou Kai gunna die

  8. I agree with this. Lol I camp so much more, since I can’t see my deaths.

  9. Kyoukais face looks surprisingly ok considering she got smashed into the ground. I hope Houken destroys shin in this duel. Shins not on that level yet. Next chapters are going to be crazy.

  10. When shin was chasing after keisha and gave that “look at my back and chase after me” speech.

  11. I hope houken bodies shin. Shins not ready yet.

  12. Kyoukai got absolutely bodied. Bloody love Houken. This duel will be absolutely legendary.

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