1. David looked extremely CGI in the picture I saw of him from the trailer. My theory is Troy is David and they’re trying to keep it a secret/throw us off because 1) I have yet to see any confirmation on who is playing David aside from people knowing who the actor is 2) the actor people say is playing david isn’t listed on IMDB yet even tho Ashley now is officially listed and 3) Troy is still not listed as the character he is said to he playing on IMDB.

  2. Now this is a fan. I love your enthusiasm about your take!

  3. — Thinking of doing so but I’m afraid of spoilers.

  4. Just search for the specific encounter/section you’re looking for. You’ll be fine!

  5. I kind of like it. Makes it easier to spot the idiots from afar.

  6. This is one of the most childish readings of this game I've ever seen

  7. Clearly you are wrong. Objectively so, dare I say.

  8. Lower the difficulty and every encounter is run and gun baby

  9. I want an extended trailer so bad right now!

  10. Yes. You should just uninstall it. You should watch Marvel movies instead.

  11. Isn't it supposed to be reminiscent of coming upon a soldier in a time of need and instead of helping you (a non threat) he shoots your injured daughter?

  12. Wasn’t it just some weeks ago that a guy attacked a gay bar and murdered several people?

  13. It was at midnight on the 19-20th this month. Little over a week has passed. But this hell timeline we live in makes it feel like it was an eternity ago.

  14. Any movie from the last 4 years = a couple of Marvel movies.

  15. By players? You keep mentioning that... But where? Where did it win that? Random internet forums where only a hundred, thousands at most vote? Where most fanboys went to conveniently vote for it? You're giving this "online outrage" too much bases in your blind argument, but conveniently ignore the polar opposite, which is just as common, shall we call it "online fellation"? Yeah because on the contrary, all of those 10's must've been very objective on the contrary, totally not fanboy attitude... Manbabies or not, your side also likes to act like them a lot.

  16. Lol so every award TLOU2 won voted by players doesn’t count but Metacritic does?

  17. How can a sequel be a considered a huge success when the fanbase was split in half? That's the polar opposite of what a sequel is supposed to accomplish.

  18. The fan base isn’t split in half. Just because a bunch of people are screaming very loudly doesn’t mean that TLOU2 isn’t a huge success.

  19. Perhaps you are walking on glass or you are moving too fast? Approach him like a clicker.

  20. Play Part I (whichever version) & Left Behind.

  21. So I will meet Gordon in my next competition?

  22. You can also just use the search function. There are people asking this question several times a week.

  23. In Part III we want Ellie on a plane for whatever reason!

  24. Because empathy and sympathy are feelings worth exploring.

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