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  1. Yeah ain't no way I'm applying hydro slick tonight took me two hours of detailing just to prep it and I'm just gonna detail the inside and hydro slick tomorrow morning or sunset Edit: on top of this I forgot to complain my girlfriends friend keeps bringing me some junk ass 2.5L cvt altima to fix for next to nothing like damn get a honda already and I won't have to keep fixing it

  2. Charge they ass decent money. I’m an auto tech and outside of work I tell everyone who asks me to work on their car or to look at it. “If I get my hands dirty it isn’t free” and “a good dinner is accepted as payment” 🤣🤣

  3. I went with the skunk 2 mega power Catback exhaust and it sounds amazing definitely slept on.

  4. Hi, did you install it to the factory exhaust manifold or an after market one? Any modifications needed for placement? Definitely interested in your recommendation.

  5. Nope just bolted the skunk 2 mega power catback up to the old cat and exhaust manifold. Just having the catback it does make subtle pops and burbles but if you were one for pops and loud cars you could remove the cat and insert a test pipe in place for it (a straight pipe) and I’m sure you’d beget some pretty good pops. But I’m planning to turbo my car so I didn’t bother with a header or cat work if I’m just going to be doing a turbo manifold in the future.

  6. KW if you have money, Progress if you don’t. No exceptions.

  7. Valve adjustment may help simply because it forces you to check all the valve cover seals

  8. If you want to remove the valve springs and retainers just to inspect the seal sure. Every k series I’ve delt with has excessive blow by on the rings to some extent. Don’t waste your time and money.

  9. What? I'm talking about the seal on the cover itself. The rear side of it is hard to see so sometimes people don't realize they have a leak back there until they actually take the cover off

  10. The valve cover leak shouldnt go unnoticed but I apologize I thought you were saying the valve stem seals

  11. I wonder what the compression is at 150k because this thing seems pretty healthy have you done a compression test?

  12. I’m just a redditor who would like to be shown the way also!

  13. Taillight gaskets, motor mounts (passenger will go first) I know you said besides basic maintenance but id definitely recommend flushing the trans fluid.

  14. Just replace them with new oem, oem is proven to last 10-15 years. The stiffer mounts will rattle your cabin so bad.

  15. Honda oem mounts are known for being weak if you are launching your car any I’d recommend aftermarket mounts.

  16. I’ve been running my CAI for the entire spring and summer months. Living in Kansas City the weather is super unpredictable and it pours unexpectedly some times but I haven’t had any issues with it. Of course I’m clutch in when I come across puddles or low points in the road and try to keep my rpm as low as possible so it’s not such a strong vacuum. Also, I do have a injen hydro shield on my intake which definitely works wonders.

  17. Love how the white looks from the outside. Almost makes up for the beige interior.

  18. Damn I wish I didn’t have to have a front plate 🤩 I’d call you my twin but I haven’t decided on the kiwami’s or not yet.

  19. I just live with it. Did the hybrid racing full cmc and master cylinder + stainless line and it ever so slightly helped 3rd but I’d do the trans fluid first.

  20. Doing it yourself not too bad. It technically eliminates the grind. Instead of the old -like pushing it further in to land the gear- it just pushes that little bit further itself. It did remove 2nd scrape, but gave me 6th. It’s just time for trans fluid for me.

  21. Been thinking about doing it. I don’t have any grinds anymore but I wanna restore some clutch pedal feeling. I’ve got 192k and I just know it’s not what it could be if that makes sense.

  22. You should do a K24 swap with a K20 head and oil pump.

  23. I’m definitely considering it because of the mileage of my engine. I could get a k24a2 for $800. Entire swap would cost more than to replace my piston rings but it’d be so much fun to drive. I’m not running hondata yet so I’d have to get the ball rolling on that if I wanted to swap.

  24. How are the hasport mount I have them but I haven’t installed them yet.

  25. Amazing I love them. Obviously with them being billet there’s gonna be more chassis vibration but it isn’t horrible and you can tell their quality. They look sporty too. I’ve gotten lots of comments on them.

  26. You can look at the fitment industries website to get a reference for the sizes and a good idea of what other people are looking at. If you look in the gallery on their website people upload their wheel setups.

  27. I’m a YouTuber and I also do social media management. But yes living in Australia helps. Bought the r33 manual rb25det a few years back as a beater for $3.3k

  28. The r33 you bought for 3.3k would probably triple the value in the states 🥲

  29. It’d be like 6x the value. I have a friend who bought the same spec for that price last year.

  30. It’s ridiculous. I really wanna get into importing vehicles and selling them here but I don’t have the money to invest in that right nor not to mention the resources to do so.

  31. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what this air freshener is? Lol

  32. Is it supposed to provide a “jdm” scent? 👀

  33. I would definitely recommend paying the “salvage fee” if given the option. When my 3000gt was totaled I paid a $500 “salvage fee” for the car to not go to the junkyard and I was allowed to keep it after getting my check for the totaled amount. I was able to part out a few parts and sell the shell for even more money than I got from the insurance company of the driver who totaled it.

  34. Oh man what I’d give to have black interior 🤩

  35. Stock trans, CC stage 3 clutch; With only doing freeway pulls the trans held up very well since it was never beat on, boosted for about 28k,

  36. I’m worried that my trans won’t hold up for boost. I think the 6 speed is perfect for the N/A engine but I also worry that with boost it will be a little weird.

  37. Boost will prematurely wear your components down but if you change your fluid regularly, dont rip on it (excessively) you should be fine. I mean you will eventually have to rebuild it's just the nature of it, but theres no reason you shouldn't get some decent life out of it.

  38. I mean an lsd would be pretty nice 😔 is it worth it to rebuild instead of replace?

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