1. I literally couldn’t help but laugh. 💀

  2. Baofeng may or may not have sorted out a lot of the problems that gave them such a bad rep over the years, but the fact remains that they're not intuitive to use at all. I've never personally spoken to anyone who owns one and has bothered with learning to program one without hooking it up to their computer and using a computer program like CHIRP to do it. Even when you figure out how to program the information for a local repeater on the radio, I've seen it done, and it's a pretty cumbersome process. Maybe they've improved that, too, I don't know. I've avoided them for years.

  3. Thank you so much, I’m definitely going to look into that!

  4. The fear of open spaces, Ohio can suck it. 💀

  5. Yoo, I’m hype I can see someone sober and apart of a great community. Stay safe! 🤌

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