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  1. Hopefully, they will get air conditioning in their trucks as part of any union-brokered agreement!!

  2. FYI: you can’t “contract AIDS”. You can get infected with HIV which, if left untreated, may develop into AIDS (which often takes 8-10 years). But most people with HIV can go on to live relatively normal lives if they’re put on antiretroviral therapy after their diagnosis.

  3. Sorry, yiu are right - I'm not a science guy. But I think we can agree that it's not a disease that solely affects the gay coomunity.

  4. Ya. Get an unapproved hardware that comes with software pre-installed instead.

  5. There are moyse jigglrs that don't connect to yoyt computer - just your power outlet. Whether or not the mouse or its accompanying software is "unapprove" is now a moot point.

  6. The women's version of this is "I'm not and 18yr old, blonde haired, size 2 but... "

  7. Well, a kitty is always a good start in making a house into a home!!

  8. From women it feels like revenge. A mindset like "If i have to do it, so do you!"

  9. Lemme guess Peggy - you invested a signficant amont of your wealth in a commercial property REIT? Correct?? AMIRITE??

  10. Look you just graduated. Whatever job you get (whether you love it or hate it, doesn’t matter) you need to know a few things:

  11. As a practicing Muslim, I can assure you that “Koranic Karen” is a common specie in the Islamic world!

  12. Light…airy…feminine…loving it!!!!!

  13. It costs you $40.00 in gas to drive to and from work for one day? WTF you driving?

  14. Back in 2008, when I had a 22 mile commute each week to work, that’s what my weekly gas expenses were….

  15. What a coincidence! All these articles telling you to come back to work are business websites. LinkedIn, Business insider, Fortune, WSJ, etc.

  16. So, the 1 per center masters of the university have never head of cooling or heating tower to cool/heat just one room. Also, very few people keep the light on in their entire house all day, if they are spending your working hours exclusively in your designated office space!

  17. Hmm in 1998 p, there was no Facebook, instagram or Snapchat where this young man could have met his murdere, but there were crude tools such as AOL chatrooms. The perp somehow groomed him, and given that no one recognized him as a neighbor, sports coach, or volunteer at school or church, a chat room seems like the likely means of contact. I winder if the German police looked at the kids internet usage at home or at school.

  18. Mom works for one of those places, they pop on the webcam periodically to make sure she’s NOT in pajamas, which is stupid as customers can’t see her

  19. Also, wouldn't people just wear pajama bottoms and fuzzy slippers with a office top to fool the bosses?

  20. I would just send him a picture of you and your wife giving him the finger

  21. One who isn't getting laid🤣😂🤣

  22. It’s more likely that trad-if is the one who will suffer severe depression and walk around with the shoulders hunched head down…..

  23. Someone warn these folks - if you put Q and U together, you can spell "QUEER"!!!!!

  24. Congratulations! But be sure to keep your scrote detector on at all times. There is nothing that a LVM likes more than to [email protected]*k with a HVW's emotional and financial resources to "take her down a notch"!

  25. A 44 year old man living in a one bedroom apartment?

  26. The 313 area code is fir DETROIT!!! If tiy are 43 and can't afford more than one bedroom in Detroit, then yiu are way behind the curve!!

  27. I can assure you that $400 rent his live in nannybangmaid has to pay is calculated under the fifty-fifty theory! He probably thinks he's offering a bargain bc heat abd electricity are being offered for free (in return for a BJ)!

  28. How adorable. You think taxes in the US are for social programs? They are for aircraft carriers and prisons.

  29. Oh honey, we Americans do pay taxes for social programs - social programs that prop up the 1%!!!

  30. Yes, and it's wayy to small for the space!!

  31. If I shout Jai shree Ram and Allahuakbar loudly at a crowded public place abroad or even in India tell me which of these would make you flash your whole life in front of you in a blink of seconds?

  32. That kind of depends on what religious community you belong to - doesn’t it “armchair warrior boy”?

  33. PLEASE PLEASE FDS mods -create a "how to high value" list of movies and TV shows that we can turn in ro counteract the pervasive scrote/pickme propaganda that exists in mist entertainment!

  34. No - its illegal across the US due to federal laws!

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