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  1. It's not a restaurant, but, what about the Center Street Market in Hilliard?

  2. Are you on any blood pressure medications? While we were finding my sweet spot with them I’d go from dead asleep to out of bed and trying to stand on the cramp within 2 seconds. NAD obviously but after a few months at the right combo/doses the cramps became far less frequent. My experience only just a thought if you’ve got BP issues.

  3. This may be a dopey question but we’re your cramps more prevalent with low or high blood pressure?

  4. I definitely experienced more cramping when I was going through the experimental phase and it was pretty high. I was regularly monitoring at 145-160 / 90-94(5ish). Once my nephrologist got me down to 110ish/70ish it’s like they disappeared. I haven’t had any in sometime. I was also taken off the diuretic BP drug combo so that could’ve had something to do with it. Possible dehydration? All my electrolytes were normal too.

  5. Yeah im just waiting for an appointment from the hospital to do my dental work due to get all my wisdom teeth out...not looking forward to it

  6. I was told a long time ago after some X-rays with my teeth there was some real good news and some real bad news. The real bad news is is there is definitely wisdom teeth. The real good news is there is only one back there. Now I’ve got dental insurance I think I need to let them yank that bad boy out. Good luck with it dental work sucks so bad.

  7. I seriously just offered OP a link with some information. I thought they might find interesting, based off of their post where they asked about craving citrus. I said nothing else, offered no advice either way & made no sweeping generalizations about anyone at all, but especially not about or to you. I don't know who you are & tbh this is really inappropriate for the context of my comment. I am very sorry for your health issues, but I was not having any kind of discussion with you in the first place, nor was I offering you medical advice, especially on behalf of 'dr. google', & I have absolutely no idea why you're speaking to me as if I jumped in to tell you what to or what not to do with your own life & body, or like I don't indersrand that individual people with individual health problems have individual needs.

  8. Thank you for the article. My doctor has placed no restriction on my citrus intake so having read this when I get water somewhere I’ll ask for 2 lemons.

  9. I’ll see you the buffalo chicken wrap and raise you those red velvet chocolate chip cookies they have.

  10. They had those at my speedway for a dollar for a very brief time. I may or may not have bought them out.

  11. The problem with being a full time booze bag is that for many of us that also means a sedentary lifestyle and piling on the lbs from all the booze calories. It's like a trifecta of unhealthiness. Oh well, at least we get plenty of vivid or lucid dreams if we aren't passed out.

  12. Is that what it is? I quit drinking about a year ago and noticed I barely got ever get the same extremely vivid dreams I used to get while drinking. I was always told drinking makes you not dream at all. Complete opposite for me. I miss the dreams.

  13. Solid investment both in karma (universal and Reddit) and coin.

  14. Have you been diagnosed? Your stomach could very well be hurting because you just went on a bender. It’s poison after all. I had popped blood vessels around different parts of my face in my early to mid 20s 10 years before anything.

  15. To find the katanas, wielded by all masters of the blade.

  16. The irony of this comment is that when we took a conceal carry class 10-12 years ago they specifically told us it was legal to conceal a firearm but we couldn’t conceal a knife. I don’t know if there were certain blade sized or whatever but I always thought that was wild.

  17. I dunno I stepped out to mow the lawn, hissed at the sun for a few minutes and slunk back into my Gollum cave of a bedroom.

  18. I'm in a similar situation with a similar question. I quit on New Year's and have gone from 250 to 200lbs, diagnosed in April. Not sure if the weightloss is just from not drinking or me just withering away.

  19. I went from 235 almost stopped eating entirely for a couple months before I knew something was seriously wrong. Few bites here and there till I ended up in the ER. I weighed 210 there. That was the first time someone ever told me I looked “gaunt”. I didn’t like that. I quit drinking the next day and lost another 15 lbs in two months. Regained a more natural skin tone besides the ghoulish pale color I had earned myself. Then another 10 came off, but it’s plateaued there and I’ve been 185 since around February. Once those alcohol calories stopped it just fell off. Are you generally active? Do you still have an appetite?

  20. People who think I’m a guitar goddess Simply because i play some random easy scales… I’d rather be insulted by a fellow guitarist

  21. Pshhh you’re not even a guitar goddess. At best you’re just playing random easy scales!

  22. Because the tasks are most related to each other. Except the pizza driver performs more work and the dasher actually gets paid more

  23. Maybe a market thing, but I made/make far far more money delivering pizza on the weekend than I ever did doing DD. But you are right. I also clean dishes and scratch burnt toppings off of metal pans between deliveries. I also only work for a mom and pop local store and the customer base is far more gratuitous than they were when I worked for one of the big 3 corporate stores.

  24. My son worked for Dominos and their drivers easily made 30 an hour with their tips. I've actually been considering applying.

  25. My biggest qualm with Dominos is their on/off road wages. If you are clocked out with a delivery you immediately start making $5/hr until you are clocked back into the store. And they charge 4/5 dollars for delivery and only give their drivers $1. However, if your area enables you to make 30/hr slinging ‘za I suggest doing it. It’s a great side hustle with very little responsibility.

  26. Aaawwww sweet! Is this a law requiring all crimes to be investigated by California motorcycle cops? Fuck yeah, the future is going to be awesome!!!

  27. I wonder if it’ll be the Michael Peña and Dax Shepard duo or if we’ll be dealing with Eric Estrada..only time will tell.

  28. Yeah I wish they would have informed me of that when I signed up. They will not do any credits they admit that the person probably didn't tell me that when I signed up but they don't care. Literally told me to do what I got to do. Thank goodness I can switch to spectrum even though spectrum sucks less.

  29. I’ll probably switch to Spectrum when my promotional price is over.

  30. For me, once I stopped drinking they stopped needing further banding. I still have endoscopies to check on them, but I’ve never had to have banding on them. They’ve even moved the frequency of my endoscopies to every two years which is a fucking relief because I hate them!

  31. It did suck for sure. The banding part anyway felt like heartburn for 4 days solid. Not sure if they anesthesiologist got heavier handed for my latest one but it took hours for me to get out of the slug zone. The ones before it I basically woke up and popped up out of the bed ready to go to work.

  32. I’m in the U.K, so the NHS don’t like to sedate you much. I opted for no sedation at all, just numbing throat spray and it was horrendous. At least next time I’ll opt for the tiny bit of sedation they do offer.

  33. I can’t even imagine all that equipment being shoved down my throat and then the tightening of those bands on exposed nerves and blood vessels without sedation. I’m fortunate enough I have great city/state level worker insurance so they go with whatever my doctor orders. That sounds like a pure nightmare and I’m sorry you had to go through that without night night juice or even a couple Valium.

  34. Bro sammmeee. Still working on not eating ice cream every chance I get tho.

  35. I stopped fighting that. I have no idea how I haven’t gained back every ounce I lost when I quit drinking.

  36. I don’t carry 99.99% of the time and definitely don’t know the law well enough to shoot first.

  37. Basically if there is immediate danger of death or grievous bodily injury either against yourself or another person you can use deadly force to end the threat. Been a while since I took the class and haven’t really carried since pizza delivery days, but that was how I understood it.

  38. My gastro gave me to the hepatologist in the same practice/building. My hep did my first endoscopy and I hear from his assistant for mostly everything. If I need anything I can call. That’s my experience thus far. I asked about transplant stuff and he told me my numbers and condition they wouldn’t even consider listing me which I guess is good, but I’m always freaked out something else is gonna happen.

  39. I dont either. I keep telling myself im gonna do this (maybe not 105 fucking hours though lol) but I never do

  40. 40 hours a week is lazy? I dunno give yourself some credit.

  41. Stop googling. Plenty of people live normal lifespans after transplants. It was the best thing I ever did and if you’d like, I can message you my album that shows my experience in photos.

  42. Well that’s something for me to look forward to. After my brief hospital stay I was down to 30k platelets. It’s actually why my PCP sent me to the ER. After a month of sobriety I shot up to 90. Now I’m between 40-70 pretty steadily but haven’t experienced this in the year I’ve known. The ride keeps getting better!

  43. French onion for me. First place I ever had it. Even if I’ve had better it’s still the best.

  44. Congratulations! However I have to ask. I get very judgmental with this…what kind of ice cream?

  45. OK. So a serious mental condition is being used for your exaggeration. So you can make your post more dramatic and get more upvotes?

  46. Yeah, I’m not one who usually throws medical diagnosis terms around. Especially DSM-5 ones. Only meant to reply to OP’s original question.

  47. I forgot my /s. I personally don’t care but he went on a little tirade against OP and told him to call himself a POS.

  48. That’s some nutritious grub right there. Nothing to turn your nose up at. I bet they even got water a la tap.

  49. Stores need to start displaying full price (meaning cost + all applicable taxes) and the service industry needs to move away from tip-based wages. I get the argument that tips are a motivation tool for better service, but the prospect of losing a decent paying job is also a motivator to perform well. And if a customer is being needy, at least you aren't guessing at whether or not they are going to leave a decent tip to reflect all the trouble they put you through

  50. Almost like every other civilized nation in the world.

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