1. Yea, I think that may be my next move. Have you heard of the Analog heat?

  2. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know it. It may be awesome.. but it also is limited, from what I can tell, on a mixing side. Presumably, it’s FX heavy. I was actually thinking more of something like a Tascam-DP model. Adding FX beyond the EQ and compression on that would require some kind of FX processor, but I don’t think it needs to be in the $1k range. Shoot, an old Boss-303 can get some ridiculous FX for a fraction of that.

  3. There is no elixir cost… and there are much better attacks at TH11. But, do you. All good.

  4. As the founder and chief architect, I feel like George is getting a pretty bum rap here.

  5. Yeah okay pal. If you think the hypothetical prospect of people being put "in danger" by some blocked traffic (I mean seriously? Roads get blocked for various reasons all the time and we just deal with it) isn't worth it to highlight the absolutely real and terrifying danger posed by climate change - I don't care how much you supposedly 'support the caue'. You don't have a shred of perspective or any undertsanding of the stakes.

  6. That tweet doesn’t support what you’re saying or go against what I’m saying. You’re a hypocrite who has no clue what he’s talking about. Continue typing your high horse nonsense while you do the very thing you’re complaining others are doing that is going to ruin the world. Did you type that Reddit post on Sanskrit? How much plastic do you have in your hut? Honestly, get off Reddit and go glue yourself to a highway and wait until someone who has an emergency rips you off the ground, justifiably.

  7. Cool story senpai, it's been real nice watching you get your knickers in such a twist.

  8. You’re replying to me, kid. I’m not the one who wrote a novel about climate change to someone who actually works to address it. Carry on.

  9. Gonna have to go with urban sombrero. I’m still 100% supportive of the bra top as a fashion design.

  10. That's just cause you love her whole free-swinging, free-wheelin' attitude..

  11. I’ve never liked rap/metal as a genre. Most of it was absolute garbage.

  12. The Richard Gere gerbil story was one of those rumors that is so astronomically dumb, it’s amazing how literally everyone in my generation believed it. But we did. We believed.

  13. If anything, he's a prime example that defensive WAR is bullshit lol. Let's be real, every team in the league would be better off playing Howard at 1B and an immobile old fart slugger at DH (think late career David Ortiz or Nelson Cruz) than playing Howard at DH and someone like Yuli Gurriel at 1B (Yuli is a 2B/3B by trade, but was blocked when he signed with the Astros and thus was wasted at 1B, where his production was mediocre for 1B standards and his lack of power was a liability).

  14. 100%. IMO, dWAR may be the most misleading advanced stat there is. The way it’s applied across positions is complete nonsense.

  15. Among players who have played 1000+ games, he's closer than you'd think to the bottom.

  16. Once he got hurt, his offensive slide was quick and significant. But, if you take away the ridiculous dWAR stats applied to first basemen, he had 20 bWAR by the time he was 30 in 5.5 seasons. Even if you ignore counting stats, he ended his career with a 125 OPS+. The idea that he is anywhere near the worst player with a 6 year career is crazy.

  17. Every arrest is due to suspicion about a crime having been committed. It’s literally baked into the concept of innocent until proven guilty. If the authorities have evidence they believe shows that your character committed the murder, they would likely arrest her. They wouldn’t call it “suspicion of murder” though; they’d just arrest her for murder.

  18. https://bailbondsnetwork.com/bail-amounts-how-much.html#:~:text=Voluntary%20manslaughter%20charges%20result%20in%20a%20%24100%2C000%20bail,to%20%2450%2C000%20for%20manslaughter%20charges%2C%20including%20intoxication%20manslaughter

  19. My first question would be why is the best man dictating who the groomsmen are? That’s exceptionally weird. Second is why didn’t the groom tell you without you having to confront him?

  20. My best friend has always been a meek person. He would avoid drama or difficult conversations like the plague. My best guess is he just hopped this would resolve itself.

  21. He hoped that his best friend being removed from the wedding party without his knowledge would just resolve itself? I can understand meek and I can understand not wanting to face difficult situations, but that is insane. That’s not the way best friends act, regardless of their personality.

  22. I enjoyed Heart Shaped Box a lot. I haven’t read any of his other stuff. But, I probably will.

  23. Too late for regret. Might as well just skip straight to full, unadulterated awe.

  24. Good review and completely on point, IMO. Its rare that a movie can be simultaneously as terrifying as this movie is (and, it truly is terrifying, in a very real world way) and also have a main character that is fairly dislikable. Too often, when a movie portrays someone cheating (and I’m thinking of one in particular, but won’t name it because you may not have seen it), they’re made to be come across pretty sympathetic. Like… of course they cheated.. Not here. From the beginning, the viewer doesn’t really like Michael Douglas… but you’re also scared shitless for him, primarily because many, if not most, of us have made dumb mistakes in a relationship that they wish should they could take back. You could easily see this happening to you, in a weird, death spiral kind of way.

  25. Remember Suge hijacked the album name Chronic 2000 and released a compilation trying to capitalize on the hype? The build up and anticipation to that album was perfect. Still DRE still had laid back G Funk elements but the production just sounded bigger and fitting for the year 2000.

  26. I distinctly remember it. That period at Death Row was hilarious. It was essentially Suge just trolling people with old catalogue music and a couple holdover artists that wouldn’t or couldn’t leave (like Daz).

  27. Crooked’s was a very weird situation. He made the incredibly odd choice to join Death Row after the glory years.. and essentially killed any chance of being a legend because of it. He’s one of the most talented artists around, but he makes dumb ass choices. He may be the best MC to never have anything close to a classic album.

  28. What controversy? From what I’ve seen, he’s been considered a general lock for a couple years.

  29. RBL Posse - A Lesson To Be Learned

  30. That album was one of my college roommates favorites. Don’t Gimme No Bammer Weed over and over and over and over. Lol.

  31. What we think of as smelling is just particles hitting the nerves inside your nose. That happens much more quickly and easily if you’re inhaling, but it’s not technically necessary.

  32. YTA. Any time someone gives an ultimatum of marriage, they are the AH. If you two want different things, that’s fine. But, drawing a line in the sand designed solely to pressure him to propose (especially due to your insecurities about his relationship with his ex) is not ok.

  33. Try riding without the classes. If you like cycling generally, the scenic rides can be great.

  34. At this point, I’m assuming every person in the US has at least one classified document in their house.

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